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January 2009 Bird Blog

Durham, NC  1/31/09

Brown Creeper.  The name is misleading: this is the fastest-moving bird I've ever seen go up (and down) the side of a tree.  ID thanks to Jeff Pippen, Phil Dickinson, Michael Boatwright, Ric Carter, John Haire and many others confirming the ID.        

Durham, NC  1/30/09

American Robin, one of many seen in the trees (but not on the ground)  

Durham, NC  1/26/09

American Goldfinch.  There's a little bit of yellow.  If it weren't for that, I'd feel sure this one was a female. American Goldfinch, probably male: transitional plumage Male Downy Woodpecker  


Yellow-rumped Warbler White-breasted Nuthatch Probably young Purple Finch    

Durham, NC  1/24/09

Pine Warbler        

Durham, NC  1/22/09

Golden-Crowned Kinglet: side, front and rear views        

Durham, NC 1/20/09

Female Eastern Bluebird Carolina Wren.  Yes, that's snow! Tufted Titmouse Same Tufted Titmouse  


Red-bellied Woodpecker White-throated Sparrow White-breasted Nuthatch Dark-eyed Junco  

Durham, NC  1/19/09

Probably an unusually pale Eastern Phoebe.  It has two misleading shadows of branches on it.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk.  ID thanks to Dave M. of Bellmawr, NJ; Steve Schultz of NC; Jeff Lewis of Manteo, NC; and Will Cook of Durham, NC.  Will wrote that it was "leucistic."        


Female Northern Cardinal Female Eastern Bluebird Female or young Purple Finch    


This Pine Siskin (right) chased this Purple Finch off the bird feeder.        

Durham, NC  1/18/09

This Tufted Titmouse came right up to the window to see what was going on. Dark-eyed Junco Male Eastern Towhee    

Durham, NC  1/16/09

American Goldfinch Pine Warbler Pine Siskin and female Downy Woodpecker    

Durham, NC  1/14/09

Pine Siskin, one of about 20 that showed up together. Maybe a young Pine Siskin      

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  1/11/09

Northern Shoveler pair.  They appeared around 6:30 pm. Same Northern Shovelers in flight.  They showed up among a group of about 20 gulls but left almost as soon as I spotted them.  The gulls stayed put, though.      

Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, MS  1/11/09

These birds showed up at Cedar Point, a marshy area.

Snowy Egret Snowy Egret Killdeer Killdeer in flight Another Killdeer in flight


This Killdeer flew over to a small clump of rocks off the shore.  Great camouflage! Laughing Gull in non-breeding plumage Female Bufflehead

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  1/10/09

This Forster's Tern left a group of Laughing Gulls and Ring-billed Gulls to dive for fish.        


Semipalmated Sandpiper Semipalmated Plover Small sandpiper, first year plumage Maybe a Semipalmated Sandpiper  

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  1/9/09

Great Blue Heron Same Great Blue Heron Red-tailed Hawk White-winged Dove Rock Dove


These two European Starlings were sharing a palm tree with at least one male House Sparrow. Laughing Gull        

Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, MS  1/9/09

Swamp Sparrow Horned Grebes Female Bufflehead Brown Pelican  

Durham, NC  1/4/09

Three views of a Pine Siskin showing the yellow in its wings        

Durham, NC  1/2/09

Female Purple Finch Pine Siskin, with seed Pine Siskins:  They came in a large group, competing vigorously for perches, although it appears one bird was feeding another (rightmost photo).    


Pine Siskin This shows the yellow in a Pine Siskin's wing.      

Copyright © 2009 by Dorothy E. Pugh.  All rights reserved.  Please contact for rights to use photos.

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