Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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October 2008

New Orleans (riverfront), Orleans Parish, LA  10/24/08

Young male House Sparrow, was very vocal and allowed me to come just a few feet away    

Durham, NC  (my neighborhood swamp/marsh)  10/16/08

These male Eastern Bluebirds flew in pairs from high in the trees above the swamp to a bare spot near the edge of the marsh, fluttered near the ground and returned to the trees.  Several of them flew rapidly around over the swamp (not pictured).   There are, incidentally, huge numbers of Eastern Bluebirds in this particular area.



Male House Finches.  The bird on the left might be subadult.        

Durham, NC  10/13/08

Black Vulture, one of two seen on a power line tower    

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