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Buccaneer State Park, Waveland, Hancock County, MS

This park was completely leveled by Hurricane Katrina, but I like its new design.  There are now a bunch of medium-sized trees where a mowed field with just a few trees used to be; now there is a curvy path through this little forest.  But the beach is right across the road and has its own offerings.  See the live map below.

10/15/10 (after Katrina)

There were lots of Monarchs, but no milkweed; the only milkweed bug I saw was simply nectaring.

Bee (Coelioxys mexicana), Megachilidae family).  First expert-identified photo of this species on BugGuide, on this page. Gulf Fritillary Large Milkweed Bug, the only one I saw in the park A view of a wooded trail from outside it          

10/11/04 (before Katrina)

Ventral view of Waveland, MS Common Buckeye above.  This far south, it's still showing a summer pattern.

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