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If you wish to have an animal identified and live in the United States or Canada, your best bet is probably http://www.BugGuide.net.  We are no longer doing identifications.

Re use of images sent to us:  we are especially interested in displaying high-quality images of members of species not already represented by this site, or images that show unusual animal behavior or characteristics.  We might be able to help you identify an image from an image, but we make no guarantees.  Please keep copies of images you send to us.  We cannot accept responsibility for being the sole storage site of these pictures.

Contribute to our forum.  You can add to our existing discussion threads or suggest another.  Or you may add comments or questions.

There might be answers to your questions on the Resources page.   I frequently refer to these sources of information and some organizations represented might be able to help with practical problems.

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Our online store is at www.dpughphoto.com/storefront.  It lets you see the big images from which the products were made so you have an idea of their quality. 

Although many products there are ready to order, we will happy to create special products according to your request: name the photo and the product type (anything from T-shirts to stationery is available).   If you're not thinking of buying, give us your feedback anyway!

We take full responsibility for any errors in any information presented as fact on this website.  However, if you see an error and don't tell us, we might not be able to change it, at least right away!  

Please do not send Instant Messages (IMs) unless we have invited you to do so.  IMs don't have subject lines and we've been burned by spammers using them.  We will make every effort to respond to all emails regarding the content of this website.

See Noela Tashina Martell Segura's page.  If you wish to use any of her pictures, you may contact her at noelchickens AT yahoo.com (replace "AT" with "@").

See Michelle Phillip's page.  If you wish to use any of her pictures (those with the "Mick Phillips" copyright), you may contact her at toetagdoc AT aol.com (replace "AT" with "@"). 

See Adolph Thomas' page.  Similarly, you may contact him at AThomas AT ci.fay.nc.us (replace "AT" with "@") for permission to use his photo.

See Mike Tetzlaff's page.  You may contact him at tetz86 AT yahoo.com (replace "AT" with "@").

See Mary Ross Withrow's page.