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April 2012

By the end of the first week, the inchworms were almost all gone.  However, a few large ones remained on the ground, perhaps too large for the Calosoma scrutata ground beetles that began their irruption in March to attack.  The numbers of these beetles peaked by 4/4/12, at which time their movements in the leaf litter and perhaps chewing were audible.  As of 4/11/12, however, their numbers had dwindled by about 90%.

Mountain-to-Sea Trail, Buncombe County, NC  4/30/12
Wild Oat (Uvularia sessilifolia) Trillium Showy Trillium Larkspur  

Fernleaf Phacelia (Phacelia bipinnata) Squawroot Stonecrop Sedum Long-horned Fairy Moth  

Nodding Trillium Tiny scarab beetle Bug    

Montreat, Buncombe County, NC  4/29/12
Mandarin Duck at Susan Lake Stonecrop on Elizabeth's Trail Mute Swan at Susan Lake Scorpionfly on Elizabeth's Trail

Canadian Violet Aphid      

Durham, NC  4/27/12
American Lady        

Durham, NC  4/26/12
Hump-backed Orb Weaver (Eustala anastera) Buprestid beetle Ashy Clubtail Weevil  

An anomalous White Clover flower that was somewhat pink Scarab beetle Wolf spider Wolf spider with egg sac Grass, unusually large

Long-jawed orb weaver        

Durham, NC  4/25/12
Seed Bug (Belonochilus numenius), about 15 mm long.  ID thanks to Vassili Belov. American Lady Beetle larva, likely Calosoma genus, fairly common lately    

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  4/24/12
Water strider (Trepobates genus) Bumblebee on Wild Blue Indigo flower Flame Azalea Jack-in-the-Pulpit  

Hearts-a-bustin' Close-up of one Hearts-a-bustin' flower Pitcher plants American Wisteria (sideways thumbnail)  

Durham, NC  4/24/12
Tiny leaf beetle, about 1 mm long        

Durham, NC  4/21/12
Male Eastern Bluebird with worm        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  4/20/12
Big jumping spider (Phidippus otiosis) Another view of the big jumping spider (Phidippus otiosus) American Lady Bird Vetch (Vicia cracca), an introduced plant  

Pinkish White Clover flowers Wild geranium Wild onion Potter Wasp (Eumenes fraternus)  

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  4/18/12
Crimson Clover Peppered Jumper        

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  4/17/12
Golden-backed Snipe Fly Black-tailed Red Sheetweaver web Black aphids that are most definitely alive!  Note that the top one is giving birth. Atamasco Lilies, very chewed upon  

Common Goldstar (Hypoxis hirsuta).  I don't think it's either common or hirsute!  Every spring at least one plant shows up at this particular site, but no others. Funnel web spider Tiny fly on my hat May be a leafhopper nymph exuvia  

Long-jawed Orbweaver (Tetragnatha laboriosa) Bashful Wakerobin (Trillium catesbaei) False garlic Jack-in-the-pulpit  

Maybe an Atamasco Lily, but its petals look wider. Pink Wood Sorrel Wild Chervil    

Hanging Rock State Park, Stokes County, NC  4/14/12
A dwarf iris of some variety, only about 2 inches high.  It was the only one I saw all day. A fringe tree, seen near the lookout point at Cook's Wall.  You can see the distant valley in the background. A fetterbush (Lyonia genus?), with some leaves just coming in and some fruits (at the bottom), the only one I saw all day. A large crane fly  

Elephant mosquito Female Juvenal's Duskywing Snipe fly (Rhagio mystaceous) Turkey Vulture  

Flower fly (Sericomyia chrysotoxoides), seen near Cook's Wall lookout.  Tentative ID thanks to JBurger Male Juvenal's Duskywing      

Durham, NC  4/13/12
Flower fly (Merodon equestris) Carolina Satyr Jumping spider (Hentzia palmarum)  

Durham, NC  4/11/12
Female Eastern Tailed Blue An unusually small American Lady Marsh fly  

Asheboro, Randolph County, NC  4/9/12
Grass with purple anthers Grass with purple anthers Carolina Satyr, Birkhead Wilderness Loop Pink Wood Sorrel, Birkhead Wilderness Loop Green-and-gold

Lyre-leaved Sage Eastern Bluestar Pisgah Covered Bridge, a popular picnicking area. The bridge goes over a creek, where several children were playing. Golden-backed Snipe Fly, Birkhead Wilderness Loop  

North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  4/8/12
Twelve Mallard ducklings Familiar Bluet A white vetch (Vicia grandiflora?), found in a small patch of land on the museum grounds Buprestid beetle on bridge over I-40  

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), on Meredith College campus More Cornflowers Common Toadflax    

Durham, NC  4/8/12
Pearl Crescent      

Durham, NC  4/6/12
Ground beetle (Calosoma scrutata), apparently with prey, which might be an inchworm Pink Wood Sorrel (same as 4/5 below), but looking violet instead      

Durham, NC  4/5/12
Pink Wood Sorrel    

Third Fork Trail, Durham, NC  4/4/12
Male Northern Cardinal Pearl Crescent Question Mark Humpbacked Orb weaver Tumbling flower beetle

Third Fork Trail, Durham, NC  4/3/12
Ground beetle (Calosoma scrutata) Ashy Clubtail      

South Lido Park, Sarasota County, FL  4/1/12
Ceraunus Blue, dorsal view Same Ceraunus Blue, ventral view Great Blue Heron Showy Milkwort (Polygala grandiflora) White Ibis

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