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August 2017

Durham, NC  8/18/17

Snapping Turtle, which apparently came up the hill into our yard and then went across the street to a cul-de-sac island. Same Snapping Turtle      

Durham, NC  8/16/17

Planthopper parasite moth caterpillar (Fulgoraecia exigua)        

Durham, NC  8/15/17

Twenty-spotted Ladybug Beetle larva Weevil (Lixus genus) Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle Snowberry Clearwing Moth Another Snowberry Clearwing Moth


Rain backlit by the sun Backlist rain closer Long-jawed orb weaver spinning a web among Water Primroses at the local pond Wasp Female Zabulon Skipper


Female Zabulon Skipper Male Zabulon Skipper      

Durham, NC  8/14/17

Leaffooted bug nymph (late instar) Red-headed Bush Cricket Snout moth Female Zabulon Skipper  


Male Zabulon Skipper on ironweed Female Zabulon Skipper      

Durham, NC  8/11/17

Katydid Leafhopper Nursery web spider    

North Carolina Museum of Art grounds, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  8/10/17

Male Eastern Bluebird Female Eastern Bluebird      

Downtown Raleigh, Wake County, NC  8/10/17

Female House Sparrow Female/fledgling House Sparrows Sculpture Silver-spotted Skipper  

Prairie Ridge Ecostation, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  8/10/17

Cloudless Sulphur Eastern Wood-Pewee Flycatcher Female Eastern Towhee Fledgling


Indigo Bunting Passionflower Pipevine Butterfly Female House Finch Hopper


Female Red-winged Blackbird Variegated Fritillary Yellow Bladderwort A saddlebags Same saddlebags


Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle        

Durham, NC  8/7/17

Red-spotted Purple Rose Silver-spotted Skipper Wolf spider Female Zabulon Skipper


Blue Dasher Clouded Skipper Least Skipper    

Durham, NC  8/5/17

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth on my butterfly bush Another Hummingbird Clearwing Moth on Pickerelweed at the local pond Same Hummingbird Clearwing Moth Monarch on my butterfly bush Same Monarch


Same Monarch Male Eastern Pondhawk Slaty Skimmer Squash plant Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


Green Treefrog Cardinal Flower Teneral Blue Dasher    

Durham, NC  8/3/17

False Dandelion Leafcutter bee on goldenrod Stink bug Mystery wildflower Male Zabulon Skipper

Durham, NC 8/2/17

Planthopper (Rhyncomitra microrhina) Prominent moth caterpillar Red-headed Bush Cricket Another Red-headed Bush Cricket  


Long-legged fly Female Zabulon Skipper Appalachian Brown Carolina Dayflower Cricket


Ichneumon wasp Spicebush Swallowtail on Pickerelweed      


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