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August 2018

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  8/16/18

Sleepy Orange visiting a Salt Marsh Mallow Scolia nobilitata wasp visiting a Common Wingstem Small Milkweed Bug Tadpole  


Another tadpole Trailing Wild Bean Wasps mating Amphibian eggs  


Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird Jack-in-the-Pulpit seedhead


Another Jack-in-the-Pulpit seedhead A third Jack-in-the-Pulpit seedhead      

Durham, NC  8/14/18

Mottled Tortoise Beetle (Deloyala guttata) Golden Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata) Tiny spider with egg sac Common Wingstem Bush cricket


Maybe older female Citrine Forktail Fly      

Durham, NC  8/13/18

Monarch on goldenrod Same Monarch Mushroom Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Virgin's Bower (Clematis virginiana)


Wasp Weevil Argiope aurantia with grasshopper prey Same Argiope aurantia.  Small spider on top left was a member of another species. Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on asters


Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) Casebearer beetle Dogday cicada nymph Same dogday cicada nymph Goldenrod (Solidago genus)



Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, New Hanover County, NC  8/8/18

Snowy Egret Same Snowy Egret Same Snowy Egret Female Seaside Dragonlet Moth


Morning glory (Ipomoea genus, might be a hybrid species) Longhorn bee on Firewheel Same longhorn bee Maybe an Eastern Bluebird  

Carolina Beach State Park, New Hanover County, NC  8/7/18

Antlion (Vella fallax) Aster?  Notably missing from the guidebooks. Male Brackish-water Fiddler Crab Comet Darner Eastern Pine Barrens Tiger Beetle


Lichens Golden Silk Spider pair Indigo Bunting Meadow Beauty (Rhexia genus) Pitcher plants


Pitcher plants More pitcher plants Male Eastern Pondhawk, transitioning to adulthood Southern Bee Killer Southern Magnolia


Wharf crab Mystery wildflower Yellow-eyed Grass (Xyris fimbriata) Another Yellow-eyed Grass  

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, New Hanover County, NC  8/6/18

Prairie Warbler Male Sand Fiddler Crab Same Sand Fiddler Crab Female Seaside Dragonlet Another female Seaside Dragonlet


Another female Seaside Dragonlet Male Seaside Dragonlet Another male Seaside Dragonlet Yet another male Seaside Dragonlet Skipper


Female Boat-tailed Grackle Mystery bird Great Egret Needham's Skimmer?  

Carolina Lake, Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC  8/5/18

Canada Goose looking askance at me Same Canada Goose Female Mallard Sanderlings (actually on the beach)  


Juvie Tricolored Heron Same Tricolored Heron Same Tricolored Heron with "catch"    

Durham, NC 8/4/18

Aquatic beetle Aquatic snail Golden Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata) Moth (Olethreutes sericorana) Mottled Tortoise Beetle


Mottled Tortoise Beetle Plant bug (Neurocolpus genus) Red-headed Bush Cricket, linking problem cannot be fixed. Springtail Wolf spider

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