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December 2014

Southpoint Shopping Center, Durham, NC  12/31/14

Multi-colored Swarovski "snowflakes" Same "snowflakes," but catching the light differently Yet another "snowflake" A rainbow projected on the floor by a "snowflake."  

Durham, NC  12/27/14

Question Mark Gea heptagon Mating scuttleflies Maybe dark fishing spider  

Durham, NC  12/26/14

Wolf spider        

Durham, NC  12/21/14

Jumping spider        

Durham, NC  12/19/14

Female Eastern Bluebird Aphid      

Durham, NC  12/17/14

Hermit Thrush Same Hermit Thrush      

Durham, NC  12/15/14

Northern Mockingbird White-throated Sparrow      

Durham, NC  12/14/14

Northern Brownsnake Leaffooted bug      

Durham, NC  12/12/14

Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana)        

Durham, NC  12/10/14

Dwarf spider (Erigoninae family) Diamond-backed Froghopper Humpbacked Orb Weaver    

San Francisco, CA aerial photos 12/5/14

San Francisco, downtown in the foreground        

South Lido Park, Sarasota, FL   12/4/14

Brown Pelican in Australian Pine Osprey Gulf Fritillary Non-breeding Black-bellied Plover Osprey

Ringling Museum of Art grounds, Sarasota, FL  12/4/14

Barred Yellow (Eurema daira), dorsal view Anhinga Phaon Crescent Hooded Mergansers White Peacock

Myakka River State Park, Sarasota County, FL  12/3/14
Wood Stork Black Vulture Wood Stork landing Water Hyacinth flower Cuban Anole Crow

Great Blue Heron Black Vultures on the weir A few Black Vultures Wood Stork Roseate Spoonbills

The palm forest        


Whirligig beetles        

South Lido Park, Sarasota, FL 12/2/14

Great Blue Heron Same Great Blue Heron Great Egret Might be a second-year Reddish Egret, at least according to Sibley's.  But no showy behavior here. Willet

Willet with prey Snowy Egret Cuban Anole    

Ringling Museum of Art grounds, 12/2/14

Osprey Little Blue Heron Barred Yellow (dry season wing pattern) Barred Yellow (wet season wing pattern) Barred Yellow (dorsal view)
Anhinga Forster's Tern White Peacock    

Sarasota, FL (marsh) 12/2/14

Hooded Mergansers Juvenile White Ibis Barred Yellow (dry season form)    

Sarasota, FL (marsh) 12/1/14

Roseate Spoonbill (Platalea ajaja) Same Roseate Spoonbill, catching prey Another view of the Roseate Spoonbill Tricolored Heron Beetle pupa

Aerial Photos 12/1/14

Sunshine Skyway, with St. Petersburg, FL, in the distance        

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