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February 2009

American Tobacco Trail, 3/5/09

Stink Bug (Menecletes insertus) Another Menecletes insertus Maybe a muscid fly    

Durham, NC  2/27/09

Leconte's Haploa caterpillar, a member of the Arctiidae moth family.  It showed up on a dogwood tree branch. Another view of the Leconte's Haploa caterpillar on the left

American Tobacco Trail (about Mile 5), Durham, NC  2/26/09

Golden Net-winged Beetle (Dictyopterus aurora) Red Maple blossoms (Acer rubrum)

Durham, NC  2/25/09

Male midge, about half an inch long Dorsal view of same male midge

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange and Durham Counties, NC 2/13/09

Painted Turtle        

Durham, NC  2/11/09

Boxelder Bug Ground Beetle (Amara genus, subfamily Harpalinae) A winged ant, one of many filling the air

Durham, NC  2/10/09

Flower fly (Syrphus genus)  

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  2/7/09

Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus). This was the first time I saw a chipmunk in NC outside Macon County, in the mountainous far southwestern part of the state. American Bird Grasshopper      

Durham, NC  1/23/09

Boxelder Bug  

Bay St. Louis, MS  1/9/09

Long-tailed Skipper  

Durham, NC  12/29/08

Gray Squirrel organizing corn from squirrel feeder    

Lake Crabtree County Park, Wake County, NC  12/28/08

Northern Black Racer        


Variegated Fritillary Green Lyssomane      

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  12/27/08

Eastern Subterranean Termite worker        

Durham, NC  12/25/08

This day I was stumped when it came to IDs.  But, anyway, there were some very small insects and spiders out on this unusually mild day.

Maybe a midge, one of many A nymph or larva, about 2 mm long.  I rescued it from this drainage ditch with a pine needle. A fly, very small, near the drainage ditch A very small spider  

Waxhaw, Union County, NC, 12/25/08

Marbled Orb Weaver, a very unusual member of its species.  Photo taken by Steve Harkins, Waxhaw, Union County, NC.        

Great Dismal Swamp State Park, Camden County, NC  12/19/08

White-tailed Deer  

Concord, Cabarrus County, NC  12/18/08

Dark Fishing Spider, photo taken by Ed Medalis.  I image-processed it some, with obviously dismal results.  

Durham, NC  12/15/08

Broad-shouldered Water Strider (Microvelia genus, Veliidae family).  Probably a nymph: wing pads seem to be evident. Ground beetle, rescued from puddle Bat, seen at just before 6 pm Midge  

Durham, NC  12/12/08

Although its natural color is green, this Green Lacewing (Chrysopidae family) apparently ran out of pigment late in the year.   Green pigment is mostly seen in live animals, and disappears quickly under adverse conditions in many species.

Green Lacewing   Gray Squirrel    

Durham, NC  11/28/08

Stink bug (Menecletes insertus)        

Durham, NC  11/27/08

Spirobolid millipede  

Durham, NC  11/20/08

Millipede, Polydesmida order Stink bug (Menecletes insertus) Yellow Jackets mating Male Yellow Jacket  

Durham, NC  11/9/08

Alex Grkovich thinks this was a male Mimic Crescent, and Will Cook's Mimic Crescent page shows a similar butterfly (the 5th one down, photo #1735.) Female Pearl Crescent.  The post-median white band on the forewings still seems to fit the Pearl Crescent pattern.  Alex says this variant is seen more often in New England.      

Durham, NC  11/8/08

Scorpionfly (genus Panorpa, family Panorpidae, Order Mecoptera) Flower fly (Eristalis dimidiatus)      

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  11/7/08

Cloudless Sulphur.  See other Whites and Yellows.  See the Butterfly Index. Common Buckeye Common Buckeye, ventral view.  Northern Cricket Frog  


Triangulate Orb Weaver.  See other spiders. Scarab Beetle Grub Boxelder Bug Dozens of these landed on our car that day.    

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  11/5/08

Crab spider, about 2 mm long Snail, mostly outside shell.  See other mollusks. Solitary bee    


Leopard Slug Male ichneumonid wasp      

Durham, NC  11/2/08

Female  ichneumon wasp.  Note the long ovipositor. Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus)

Durham, NC  11/1/08

Yellow-collared Scape Moth, on asters bordering on the marsh bordering my neighborhood swamp.  

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