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February 2017

Durham, NC  2/21/17

Male Northern Cardinal Same male Northern Cardinal Pileated Woodpecker Same Pileated Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse



American Tobacco Trail (Downtown Durham), NC  2/19/17

Art Deco building Persian Speedwell and Canadian Violet Variegated Fritillary Spotted Cucumber Beetle  


Steampunk letters outside place of business        

Durham, NC  2/18/17

Carolina Wren Female Eastern Bluebird      

Flat River Impoundment, NC  2/18/17

Field Pansy Female Red Maple flowers More female Red Maple flowers Savannah Sparrow  

Durham, NC  2/17/17

Yellow-rumped Warbler Wolf spider Tufted Titmouse Eastern Phoebe Jumping spider


Carolina Wren        

Durham, NC  2/16/17

Yellow-rumped Warbler Kinglet American Goldfinch Red-shouldered Hawk Black Vulture


Downy Woodpecker Downy Woodpecker Probably a Savannah sparrow Song Sparrow Tufted Titmouse


Tufted Titmouse White-throated Sparrow Another White-throated Sparrow Another White-throated Sparrow Another view of the first White-throated Sparrow

Durham, NC  2/15/17

Mallard pair Red-shouldered Hawk      

Durham, NC  2/13/17

Golden-crowned Kinglet Billbug      

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  2/12/17

Jumping spider (female Hentzia palmarum) Same jumping spider Ground beetle Red Maple male flowers Female midge


Mallard pair Male Mallard      

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, NC  2/11/17

Female Northern Cardinal Same  female Northern Cardinal Hermit Thrush in controlled burn area Same Hermit Thrush White-throated Sparrow in controlled burn area


Moss? A waxy plant that was not destroyed in the recent controlled burn Brown Thrasher      

Durham, NC  2/11/17

Eastern Bluebird        

Raleigh, Wake County, NC  2/10/17

Memorial Auditorium        

Jordan Lake, Chatham County, NC  2/07/17

Water boatman Several water boatmen, including a nymph Water boatman exuvia    

Durham, NC  2/7/17

Carolina Chickadee Northern Cricket Frog Male Eastern Bluebird Female Eastern Bluebird Fish


Hermit Thrush Male House Finch Savannah Sparrow Marsh fly Wolf spider


Springtails Some of the same springtails Fly    

Durham, NC 2/5/17

Crow Pileated Woodpecker Same Pileated Woodpecker Same Pileated Woodpecker  


Ruby-crowned Kinglet Ruby-crowned Kinglet      

Durham, NC 2/2/17

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Same Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Male Northern Cardinal Same male Northern Cardinal Female Northern Cardinal


Tufted Titmouse Wild ginger (Hexastylis genus)      

Durham, NC 2/1/17

Pileated Woodpecker Ruby-crowned Kinglet      


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