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February 2018

Durham, NC  2/21/18

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Chinch Bug (Blissus leucopterus) Frog eggs? Tiny insect Ladybug beetle (Scymnus rubricaudus)


Pennsylvania Bittercress Persian Speedwell Virginia Spring Beauty Pileated Woodpecker Red-shouldered Hawk


Wax Myrtle leaves        

Durham, NC  2/20/18

Jumping spider Leaf beetle Rove beetle, maybe Same rove beetle? Orb weaver (Mangora genus)


Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Brown-headed Nuthatch Same brown-headed nuthatch Same brown-headed nuthatch Globular springtail


Same globular springtail Spider Xyelid sawfly ovipositing Same xyelid sawfly  

Durham, NC  2/18/18

Female xyelid sawfly.  ID thanks to Ken Wolgemuth. Same female xyelid sawfly Wasp Wolf spider  


Another female xyelid sawfly        

Durham, NC  2/17/18

Song Sparrow Purple Dead-nettle      

Durham, NC  2/16/18

Male Eastern Bluebird Same male Eastern Bluebird, in another tree Maybe frog eggs? Male Red Maple flowers Part of a blooming male Red Maple tree


White-throated Sparrow Streetlamp that went on a little after 3 pm when some dark clouds blew over      

Durham, NC  2/15/18

Tufted Titmouse holding winged ant prey with its feet Here, one wing of the prey is visible. Here, the prey is held in the bird's beak. Another winged ant Orb weaver with yet another winged ant


Female Northern Cardinal Winter leaf of a Crane Fly Orchid Winter leaves of another Crane Fly Orchid Goldfish Trout Lily leaf


Water strider with winged ant prey Witchhazel buds Blooming Witchhazel    

Durham, NC  2/10/18

Billbug Jumping spider (Hentzia palmarum) that appeared on a woollen hat left on a trail bollard Same jumping spider Same jumping spider Same jumping spider


Same jumping spider Same jumping spider Another, smaller, jumping spider (Hentzia palmarum) A third jumping spider Wild carnivore scat, with evidence of eating furry prey

Durham, NC 2/5/18

Red-shouldered Hawk        

Durham, NC  2/3/18

Male Red Maple flowers Red-shouldered Hawk Same Red-shouldered Hawk Same Red-shouldered Hawk  

Durham, NC 2/1/18

Ruby-crowned Kinglet, eating Red Maple flowers buds Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet  

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