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February 2019

Durham, NC  2/15/19

Common Blue Violet Mystery plant Female Red Maple flowers, just coming out Sawfly Same sawfly


Wild blueberries do it differently: they lose some of their leaves and replace those with new ones in the spring. Male Red Maple flowers      

American Tobacco Trail (Miles 4-6+), Durham, NC  2/15/19

Male Eastern Towhee w/ berry Same male Eastern Towhee w/ pine cone part Persian Speedwells Callery Pear (maybe Bradford cultivar, but growing wild) Cherry tree, on a front yard

Durham, NC  2/14/19

Azure Bluets Charlock Mustard (Sinapis arvensis) Common Vetch Mystery plants and a Purple Deadnettle  

Durham, NC  2/13/19

Bluets Carolina Wren Same Carolina Wren Leaffooted bug Winter Wren

Durham, NC  2/7/19

Springtails Two globular springtails Four globular springtails A globular springtail  


Globular springtails More globular springtails Jumping spider Mallards  


Male midge Female Red-winged Blackbird White-throated Sparrow    

Durham, NC  2/6/19

Buttercup Ghost spider (Hibana genus, Anyphaenidae family).  ID thanks to Laura P. Pennsylvania Bittercress Persian Speedwells Plant, one of several found only in a small area somewhat near a swamp


Tiny wasp Wolf spider (Gladicosa gulosa).  ID thanks to Laura P. Cobweb spider (Yunohamella lyrica). ID thanks to Chad Heins, confirmed by Laura P.    

Southern Pines, Moore County, NC  2/5/19

Male Northern Cardinal Common Dandelion Henbit Other Henbits Northern Mockingbird


White-throated Sparrow Yellow-rumped Warbler      

Durham, NC  2/4/19

Red-shouldered Hawk Same hawk American Robin Buttercup Great Blue Heron


Smae Great Blue Heron Same Great Bluel Heron Persian Speedwell Purple Dead-nettle  

Durham, NC  2/2/19

Carolina Chickadee Another Carolina Chickadee Dark-eyed Junco Female Downy Woodpecker Same female Downy Woodpecker


Same female Downy Woodpecker Same female Downy Woodpecker Male Downy Woodpecker Female Downy Woodpecker Mourning Dove


Pine Warbler Song Sparrow Tufted Titmouse Another Tufted Titmouse White-breasted Nuthatch


Yellow-rumped Warbler Blue Jay Female Northern Cardinal Male Northern Cardinal  


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