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January 2014

Durham, NC  1/30/14

Coelid leafhopper        

Durham, NC  1/29/14


Durham, NC  1/27/14

Seed bug (Kleidocerys resedae) Male Fall Cankerworm Moth (Alsophila pometaria)      

Raleigh, Wake County, NC, 1/25/14

Female House Sparrow        

Durham, NC  1/21/14

Ruby-crowned Kinglet        

Durham, NC  1/14/14

Male Fall Cankerworm Moth        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  1/13/14

Spittlebug (Clastoptera genus) Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana) Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana)      

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  1/9/14

Brown lacewing (Hemerobius genus). ID thanks to Vassily Belov. Orb weaver (Araneus miniatus) Ice patterns near a creek    

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  1/1/14

Planthopper, maybe Stenocranus genus, Delphacidae family        

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