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January 2021

Durham, NC  1/30/21

Black Vultures with Opossum prey Common Dandelion Male House finch House Finch pair Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica)

Turkey Vulture Same Turkey Vulture White-throated Sparrow Same White-throated Sparrow Same White-throated Sparrow

Durham, NC  1/29/21

Male Northern Cardinal Female Eastern Bluebird Another female Eastern Bluebird Northern Mockingbird Northern Mockingbird

Eastern Phoebe Ruby-crowned Kinglet Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet White-throated Sparrow

Durham, NC  1/28/21

Dark-eyed Junco Full moon White-throated Sparrow    

Durham, NC  1/27/21

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Dwarf spider Male Eastern Bluebird Flower fly Gall midge

Purple Dead-nettle        

Durham, NC  1/26/21

Female Northern Cardinal Horsehair worm Another horsehair worm    

Durham, NC  1/24/21

Female Northern Cardinal Male Northern Cardinal Same male Northern Cardinal Dark-eyed Junco American Robin

Eastern Gray Squirrel White-throated Sparrow Another White-throated Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco  

Durham, NC  1/23/21

Jumping spider (female Hentzia palmarum) Red Maple (Acer rubrum) buds Yellow-rumped Warbler    

Durham, NC  1/22/21

Globular springtail (Bourletiella viridescens) Another globular springtail Globular springtails Globular springtails, one with furcula showing (far right), in collision with another Globular springtails (Bourletiella viridescens)

Globular springtails (Bourletiella viridescens), interacting Probably Hairy Bittercress Blue Jay    

Durham, NC  1/20/21

Gall midge Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) Northern Flicker Same Northern Flicker More Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta)

Purple Dead-nettle Tufted Titmouse White-breasted Nuthatch White-breasted Nuthatch White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch Yellow-rumped Warbler Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Common Chickweed buds Carolina Chickadee, at nest

Common Chickweed Common Chickweed (Stellaria media) Common Dandelion Downy Woodpecker Fly

Durham, NC  1/19/21

Carolina Wren Same Carolina Wren Same Carolina Wren Crow Male Eastern Towhee

Male House Finch Northern Mockingbird Song Sparrow White-throated Sparrow  

Durham, NC  1/18/21

Beale's Barberry (Mahonia bealei) Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) Purple Deadnettle (Lamium purpureum)    

Durham, NC  1/17/21

Juvenile orchard spider (Leucage venusta) Yellow-rumped Warbler Jumping spider Male midge  

Durham, NC  1/15/21

Brown Thrasher       Carolina Chickadee in flight


Carolina Chickadee Another Carolina Chickadee Forsythia Holly Female House Finch


Male House Finch Ruby-crowned Kinglet White-throated Sparrow Another White-throated Sparrow Yellow-rumped Warbler


Yellow-rumped Warbler        

Durham, NC  1/14/21

Jumping spider (Hentzia genus) Maybe a little plant, with what seems to be chipped-off paint      

American Tobacco Trail (Miles 4-6), Durham, NC  1/13/21

Male Northern Cardinal Gall midge Same gall midge Heavenly Bamboo Seedhead

Durham, NC  1/12/21

Common Chickweed Tiny plant on trail bollard Triozidae family, Psylloidea superfamily    

Durham, NC  1/11/21

Frog eggs and two tadpoles        

Durham, NC  1/10/21

Gall midge Eastern Phoebe Same Eastern Phoebe Spider  

Durham, NC  1/9/21

Common Chickweed Jumping plant louse Same jumping plant louse Another jumping plant louse  

Triozidae family, Psylloidea superfamily.  ID thanks to Vassily Belov. Little Bluestem seed Hairy White Oldfield Asters    

Durham, NC  1/7/21

Juvie Carolina Wren singing Another Carolina Wren Carolina Wren Dark-eyed Junco Another Dark-eyed Junco

Another Dark-eyed Junco Male Downy Woodpecker      

Female Eastern Bluebird       Red-shouldered Hawk

Gall midge Same gall midge, showing wing fringe better Spider Aphid    

Durham, NC  1/6/21

Antmimic jumping spider (Synemosya formica) Fungus Pachygronthid bug Parasitoid wasp  

Durham, NC  1/5/21

Buffalo Treehopper Hairy White Oldfield Asters      

Durham, NC  1/4/21

Antmimic spider (Castianeira longipalpa) Inchworm Dwarf spider Ghost spider Jumping spider

Leaf of mystery plant Leafhopper Rove beetle (Sternus flavicornus) Wasp Tiny mystery plant, growing on trail bollard

Spotted Cucumber Beetle        

Durham, NC  1/3/21

Tufted Titmouse Male House Sparrows      

Durham, NC  1/2/21

Black Vultures Brown lacewing, injured Ghost spider Leafhopper nymph, probably Same nymph

Mystery spider, maybe mesh web weaver.  Might be Nigma flavescens, introduced from Europe. Same mystery spider      


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