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July 2009

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  7/30/09

Acanaloniid planthopper Filmy Dome Spider Praying mantis Spined Orb Weaver Leafhopper


Grass Miner Moth New York Ironweed Rattlesnake Plantain (Goodyera pubescens) Spider and larva (not sure what's going on here)  


Mountain Mint Crane Fly Orchid Crane Fly Orchid (closeup)    

American Tobacco Trail (miles 4-6) 7/26/09

Burdock Beetle (Leptinotarsa juncta) Virginia Meadow Beauty (Rhexia virginica) Canadian Thistle Mating Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetles Silktree flower and seed pods


Cat's Ear Sericea Lespedeza or Chinese Lespedeza Muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia) fruit, Durham, NC, 7/26/09, not Scuppernongs.      

Durham, NC (marsh/swamp) 7/26/09

Male Great Blue Skimmer        

Durham, NC (local marsh/swamp)  7/25/09

Blacktailed Red Sheetweaver, in dew-laden web.  See other spiders. Slaty Skimmer.  See other dragonflies.      

Durham, NC  7/24/09

Thread-legged Bug        

UNC-Chapel Hill, NC  7/24/09

Green June Beetle        

Durham, NC  7/23/09

Firefly beetle (Photuris pennsylvanica).  Photo taken at night. (Copes?) Gray Treefrog Orb weaver    

Eno River State Park, Old Cole Mill Rd. access  7/22/09

Copperhead Snake.  It was not quite 2 feet long. Eastern Box Turtle Dog-day Cicada.  See other hoppers.    


Praying Mantis nymph Velvet mite moving in on a much smaller critter Stink Bug (Banasa dimiata) Fruit fly (Eutreta genus), alternately bending each wing.


Spirobolid millipede Crab spider      


Mostly adult (winged) aphids, with two nymphs        

Durham, NC  7/21/09

Praying Mantis, about 2 inches long Same Praying Mantis, with a leafhopper on its hindmost leg Close-up of the leafhopper, which was about 1 mm long Praying Mantis exuvia (cast-off exoskeleton after molt).  This was found earlier far away.  

Durham, NC  7/19/09

Zebra Swallowtail on lantana Carolina Satyr Male Great Blue Skimmer.   See other dragonflies. Female Great Blue Skimmer  

Durham, NC  7/18/09

Flower flies (Toxomerus marginata) Fly Jumping spider    


Rice Stink Bug nymph, with wing pads, dorsal view Rice Stink Bug nymph, with wing pads, ventral view Rice Stink Bug nymphs without wing pads    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  7/17/09

Common Wood Nymph Wild onion      

NC Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  7/17/09


Green Frog Acanaloniid planthopper nymph Sensitive Brier or Sensitive Plant (Mimosa microphylla) Female Spicebush Swallowtail  


Jack-in-the-Pulpit, with fruit.  Two plants are seen here. Silvery Checkerspot on Purple Coneflower.  Virginia Spiderwort Green Lynx Spider  


Silvery Checkerspot Rattlesnake Master Silvery Checkerspot and Bumble Bee  on Purple Coneflower Weevils on goldenrod (Solidago genus, Asteraceae family)  


Dogbane Beetle Spider Citrus Flatid Planthopper (Metcalfa pruinosa)    

Durham, NC  7/16/09

Picture-winged Fly (Eumetopiella genus) Acanaloniid planthopper Blowfly Spider Rice Stink Bug


Bush cricket nymph        

Durham, NC  7/15/09

Spotted Cucumber Beetle Convergent Ladybug Beetle Soft-winged flower beetle (Collops genus) Two-lined froghopper Flesh fly


Crabgrass flowers and seeds Tiny spider (1-2 mm long)      


Pokeweed berries Courting Fiery Skippers (female on left) Blueberries    

Durham, NC  7/14/09

Leaffooted bug nymph (late instar)        

Peaks of Otter Recreational Area (National Parks Service), Bedford County, VA

The "peaks" are three mountains surrounding Abbott Lake, which feeds the Otter River.  Sharp Top Mountain's peak is 3862 feet in elevation; Harkening Hill's is 3372; the elevation of Abbott Lake and the Visitors Center is about 2550.

Sharp Top Mountain  7/10/09

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra eximia), seen at about 3700 feet in elevation.  About 20 plants were seen in close proximity near a small rain forest. Blueberries, just starting to turn ripe at about 2700 feet in elevation. Columbine flower Columbines, seen at about 2800 or 2900 feet.  


  Common Plantain Stink Bug (Mormidea lugens, Carpocorini tribe, Pentatominae subfamily), appeared near the Visitors Center. Dogwood Twig Borer (Oberea tripunctata), a kind of flat-faced longhorn beetle. Dogbane Beetle  

Harkening Hill 7/9/09

Beetle on Common Milkweed in a meadow Common Milkweed at the Visitors Center Common Toadflax at Lake Abbott Deptford Pink flower, in a meadow Earwigs, on a Common Milkweed plant in the same meadow


Great Spangled Fritillary Wasp Jack-in-the-Pulpit, at Abbott Lake Lavender  


Jumping Spider, at Abbott Lake Leafhopper: Common Meadow Spittlebug (Philaenus spumarius).  ID thanks to Andy Hamilton.   This is a common coloring in this somewhat variable species. Netwing Beetle Bullfrogs: they leaped into Abbott Lake when they saw me coming.  


Bee-balm or Wild Bergamot, at the summit Spiderwort, at about 3000 feet elevation.  None on this mountain succeeded in blooming.  Limited sunlight may have been at least part of the problem. Water Hemlock    

Natural Bridge area, artificial pool, Rockbridge County, VA  7/9/09

Water strider (Trepobates subnitidus)        

Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County, VA  7/8/09

Rainbow Trout, in Cedar Creek (running under the Natural Bridge) Common Meadow Spittlebug (Philaenus spumarius).  ID thanks to Andy Hamilton.  This color is unusual for the species. Mydas fly (about an inch long)    


Southern Magnolia flower Everlasting Pea (Lathyrus latifolius), on Cedar Creek Nature Trail Chicory (Cichorium intybus), seen in large groups along the sides of highways in this part of Virginia. Cabbage White on unidentified flower Spined Orb Weaver

Durham, NC  7/6/09

Young raccoon attempting to reach a raccoon-proof bird feeder.  All photos were taken at 10:20 pm.        


Basilica spider Sachem Purple Coneflower Scuppernong grape Pokeweed fruit.  Note purple color, not present when flowering.

West Point on the Eno, Durham, NC  7/4/09

Fowler's Toad with residual tadpole tail, on Eno River bank. Leafhopper (Graphocephalus genus) Widow Skimmer Aquatic Leaf Beetle (Donacia genus)  


Common Foxglove Mullein Morning Glory Mountain Mint American Water Willow (Justicia americana) flowers, with sweat bee inside one.  On Eno River bank. American Water Willow (Justicia americana).  Same plant as on left.

Durham, NC (local marsh) 7/3/09

Rice Stink Bug nymph, dorsal view Same Rice Stink Bug nymph, ventral view Adult bug (Oedancala crassimana, Pachygronthidae family) Another adult bug on a sedge.  


Marsh fly Fly (Copes?) Gray  Treefrog, about half an inch long Same treefrog, dorsal view Flowers of a sedge plant Rice Stink Bug

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  7/3/09

Common Wood Nymph Mydas Fly, about an inch long Spined Orb Weaver Adult Spined Assassin Bug  


Passion Vine with opening flower.  One of a few remaining after a large field was mowed. Spider, Mangora genus Katydid nymph Mating flower longhorn beetles It's hard to tell what kind of planthopper nymph this was, but certainly is fancy!

Durham, NC  7/1/09

Round-headed katydid Tarnished Plant Bug Female Citrine Forktail Gray (Copes?) Treefrog, recent metamorph  


Rhopalid bug (Niesthrea genus) Mosquito Brown Stink Bug Rice Stink Bug  


Field Cricket Dark Fishing Spider      

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