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July 2017

Durham, NC  7/31/17

Brown Thrasher Green Heron Same Green Heron Green Lynx Spider with wasp prey Green Treefrog


Another Green Treefrog Monarch Another Monarch Spicebush Swallowtail  

Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/29/17

Pearl Crescent on small aster Clay-colored Beetle Same Clay-colored Beetle Seedhead of small aster  

Pitt County Arboretum, Greenville, NC  7/28/17

Two-striped Forceptail (Aphylla williamsoni).  ID confirmed by William Edwards. Eastern Amberwing Creeping Eryngo (Eryngium prostratum)    

Variegated Fritillary on Firewheel Common Buckeye on Lantana Mystery skimmer    

Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/28/17

Rice Stink Bug on crabgrass Small ladybug beetle larva (probably Scymnus genus) and an aphid exuvia, on crabgrass. Another (larger) ladybug beetlelarva (Scymnus genus?), with head showing Larger ladybug beetle larva (Scymnus genus?), lateral view Another ladybug beetle (Scymnus genus?) with four aphids, one of which the beetle is attacking.


American Eagle coming from the airport      

South Tar River Greenway, Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/28/17

Brown Thrasher, which had run toward us! Another Brown Thrasher, more cautious Clouded Skipper Same Clouded Skipper Mated dog-day cicadas


Conopid fly (Physocephala sagittaria) on False Garlic.  Genus ID confirmed by Vassily Belov.  Species ID thanks to Aaron Schusteff. Wild Potato Vine (Ipomoea pandurata) Paraguayan Purslane (Portulaca amilis) Pea plants in grass Small raptor


Robber fly Maybe a very worn Fiery Skipper Sleepy Orange visiting a small morning glory Another Sleepy Orange, with a different wing pattern Mississippi Kite

Goose Creek State Park, Beaufort County, NC  7/27/17

Swamp Loosestrife (Decodon verticillatus) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, finishing with prey Same Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, with prey Common Duckweed (Lemna minor) and Water Fern (Azolla caroliniana) Largid bug


Green Treefrog Same Green Treefrog View of marsh Male Needham's Skimmer Another male Needham's Skimmer


Female Eastern Pondhawk Palmetto Male Eastern Pondhawk Needham's Skimmer? Swamp view

River Park North, Greenville, NC  7/27/17

Male Eastern Amberwing Same Eastern Amberwing Asian Dayflower (Commelina communis) Field Cricket Great Blue Heron


Swamp Leatherflower (Clematis crispa) Rose Mallow Paraguayan Purslane Planthopper parasite moth  


Water striders Whirligig beetles      

Pitt County Arboretum, Greenville, NC  7/26/17

Sleepy Orange on Scarlet Basil Same Sleepy Orange with Stilt Bug Wasp (Campsomeris genus) Female Widow Skimmer Same female Widow Skimmer


Bee fly (Chrysanthrax cypris) Bee Another bee Female Whitetail Male House Sparrow

Washington, Beaufort County, NC  7/26/17

River Cooter Male Needham's Skimmer Fledgling House Sparrow Great Blue Heron  


Green June Beetles mating, with a newly arrived interloper A confrontation begins. The interloper starts to push the mating male backwards. Now the interloper begins an attack from the side. The interloper has slid the mating male onto his side.


Now the mating male is lying on his back, but still attached to the female. The interloper now mounts the female, but more effort is necessary. Four-spotted Pennant on a lotus plant seedhead. Another Four-spotted Pennant  

Durham, NC  7/25/17

Cellar Spider Leafhopper Little Glassywing Same Little Glassywing Same Little Glassywing


May Beetle        

Durham, NC  7/24/17

Ocola Skipper        

Durham, NC  7/22/17

(Copes' ?) Gray Treefrog, at night Same (Copes' ?) Gray Treefrog Red-shouldered Hawk Same Red-shouldered Hawk Same hawk, preening


Zebra Swallowtail Same Zebra Swallowtail Same Zebra Swallowtail Same Zebra Swallowtail  

Durham, NC  7/20/17

Acanaloniid planthopper (Acanalonia conica) Acanaloniid planthopper Bowl-and-doily Spider Handsome Meadow Katydid  


Leafhopper (Graphocephala versuta) Mantis nymph Same mantis nymph Same mantis nymph Same mantis nymph


Orb weaver Planthopper (Rhynchomitra microrhina) Same planthopper    

Durham, NC  7/19/17

Little Glassywing Male Zabulon Skipper Same male Zabulon Skipper Same male Zabulon Skipper  

Durham, NC  7/18/18 (night)

Tulip Tree Beauty (Epimecia hortaria) Beetle Lacewing egg Sphinx moth  

Durham, NC  7/16/17

Zebra Swallowtail Same Zebra Swallowtail      

Durham, NC  7/12/17 (night)

Beautiful Wood Nymph        


Durham, NC  7/11/17 (all seen at night)

Cixiid planthopper (Melanoliarus genus) Fungus gnat Snout moth    

Durham, NC  7/10/17

Flatid planthopper nymph Grasshopper Ladybug beetle (Cycloneda munda) Flatid planthopper nymph molting Eastern Grass Tubeworm Moth (Acrolophus plumifrontella). ID thanks to Bob Biagi.

Durham, NC  7/9/17

Robber fly Amphibian eggs Cardinal Flower    

Durham, NC  7/6/17

Treehopper (Entylia carinata) Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona) Red-headed Bush Cricket nymph  


Red Admiral Nursery Web Spider Leafhopper Flatid planthopper nymph Hawk feather?


Elongate springtails Elongate springtails examining frass Elongate springtail Another elongate springtail Blue-tipped Dancer (Argia tibialis).  ID thanks to Astrobirder.

Durham, NC  7/5/17

Arrow-shaped Micrathena (Micrathena sagittata) Probably a Pachygronthid bug nymph Adult Pachygronthid bug Two-lined Froghopper Cobweb spider (Euryopis genus)


Inchworms hanging from a Joe Pye Weed leaf Joe Pye Weed flower buds Leafhopper (Graphocephala versuta) Leafhopper nymph (Scaphoideus genus). ID suggested by John S. Ascher, based on post by Kyle Kittelberger.


Leafhopper (Sibovia occatoria) Flatid planthopper Green lacewing larva  

Durham, NC  7/4/17

Appalachian Brown Fledgling Carolina Wren Same Carolina Wren, with spider prey Same wren, same prey Carolina Wren: note blue spot, apparently from molting

Durham, NC  7/3/17

Grasshopper nymph Grass flowers Coreid (leaffooted bug) egg, found by itself.  Medium brown is normal color for live egg.  ID thanks to Ken Wolgemuth. A molting crow Same molting crow.

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