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July 2018

Durham, NC  7/28/18

Appalachian Brown Argiope aurantia (dorsal view) Argiope aurantia (ventral view) Male Common Whitetail Little Glassywing


Nursery Web Spider Silvery Checkerspot Silvery Checkerspot on Joe Pye Weed Swamp Milkweed Beetle  

Durham, NC  7/27/18

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle American Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) Male Great Blue Skimmer Green Lynx Spider Mottled Tortoise Beetle (Deloyala guttata)

Durham, NC   7/21/18

Flies Halloween Pennant Katydid Slaty Skimmer Mystery eggs

Durham, NC 7/20/18

Ambush bug Ambush bug nymph Ambush bug nymph Arabesque orb weaver Leaffooted bug nymph


Ambush bug Click beetle Mystery eggs Sycamore leaf  

Pitt County Arboretum, Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/14/18

American Beauty Blue Dasher Common Buckeye Egg sac Pipevine Swallowtail


Pipevine Swallowtail Sleepy Orange Variegated Fritillary Viceroy Same Viceroy

River Park North, Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/14/18

Double-crested Cormorant Teneral Great Blue Skimmer Pearl Crescent    

Downtown Washington, Beaufort County, NC  7/13/18

Barn Swallow on American Lotus seedhead Deserted boat American Lotus flower (Nelumbo lutea)    

Goose Creek State Park, Washington, Beaufort County, NC  7/13/18

Male Bar-winged Skimmer Female House Finch Male Needham's Skimmer Female Needham's Skimmer Palamedes Swallowtail


Nutria Same Nutria Question Mark Swamp Loosestrife  

Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/12/18

Field Cricket Male Fiery Skipper Female Halloween Pennant Same female Halloween Pennant Rice Stink Bug


Stink bug (Thyanta genus, Thyanta subgenus). ID thanks to Andrew Meed.        

Pitt County Arboretum, Greenville, NC  7/12/18

Black Swallowtail caterpillar Male Fiery Skipper Another male Fiery Skipper, on Lantana Hibiscus genus Pipevine Swallowtail


Silver-spotted Skipper Sleepy Orange on Lantana Wasp (Campsomeris plumipes) Wasp on blooming Fennel  

River Park North, Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/12/18

Male Northern Cardinal Cicada Killer digging a nest      


Eastern Amberwing Female Great Blue Skimmer Variegated Fritillary    

Durham, NC  7/10/18

Acanaloniid planthopper nymph Aphids, with some exuviae Beetle Crab spider Mangora genus spider


Spirobolid millipede        

Durham, NC  7/9/18

Ambush bug nymph Leafhopper Moth Another moth Two-lined Froghopper

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  7/8/18

Arrow-shaped Micrathena (Micrathena sagittata) Common Buckeye Female Common Whitetail Dancer Horace's Duskywing


Jack-in-the-Pulpit with fruits Little Wood Satyr Orchard Spider Rose Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos) Rose Mallows


Sabatia angularis Silvery Checkerspot Female Sachem or Fiery Skipper Turkey Vulture Virginia Mountain Mint

Durham, NC  7/8/18

Joe Pye Weed Long-legged fly Red-headed Bush Cricket nymph Same Red-headed bush Cricket nymph Male Slaty Skimmer


Spider wasp        

Boone Gardens, Boone, Watauga County, NC  7/2/18

American Lady Megachilid bee Another Megachilid bee Bug Flower longhorn beetle


Fly Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) with faded spathe Red Milkweed Beetle Treehopper (Enchenopa binotata complex) Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans)


Two-lined Froghopper Mystery wildflower Spotted Loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata)    

Boone, NC 7/1/18

Leaf beetle (Brachypnoea genus).  ID thanks to Blaine Mathison. Chicory Spotted Cucumber Beetle Mystery wildflower  

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