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June 2011

A highlight of this month was a Road Scholars program at the Mountain Lake Conservancy  in Giles County, Virginia.  The photos shown below that were taken from 6/12/11 through 6/16/11 were in connection with this program, mostly involving organized hikes along the Appalachian Trail in Giles and Roanoke counties.

Durham, NC  6/30/11

Billbug Leaffooted bug nymph Striped Lynx Spider Mating flies on a cattail leaf  

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  6/27/11

What's blooming at the NC Botanical Garden about now

Naked Tick Trefoil (Desmodium nudiflorum) flowers, seen on woodland trail (not part of official exhibit).  Female Sachem Male Sachem Watershield (Brasenia schreberi)  
Rattlesnake Master Bigleaf Magnolia (Magnolia magnophylla) Golden-seal Eastern Sensitive-Brier  

Durham, NC  6/26/11 (local marsh)

Buffalo Treehopper Jumping spider (Phidippus clarus) Leafhopper Moth

Pennys' Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  6/25/11

Early-instar stink bug nymphs Close-up of two of the stink bug nymphs Pipevine Swallowtail Eastern Box Turtle Tiny weevil on individual Butterfly Weed flower Flower longhorn beetle (Typocerus deceptus?)

Damsel bug (Nabis genus) Tumbling flower beetle on Queen Anne's Lace Meadow katydid (Conocephalus genus) on Queen Anne's Lace Male Halloween Pennant Ebony Bug and sweat bee on Queen Anne's Lace


Smooth Coneflower Common St. John's Wort Deptford Pink Carolina Wild Petunia  

Durham, NC  6/23/11

White-tailed Deer        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  6/18/11

Appalachian Brown, very faded        

War Spur Loop, Giles County, VA  6/16/11

Io Moth Cucumber Root flower and bud Common Scorpionfly Whorled Yellow Loosestrife

Locust Leafminer Beetle        

Wind Rock, Giles County, VA  6/16/11

Four-lined Plant Bug (Poecilocapsus lineatus) Noctuid moth (Maliattha synochitis) Common Sawfly family member (Tenthredo genus, Tenthredinidae family).  ID thanks to Dave Smith.      


Purple-flowering Raspberry Sweet Cicely Flame Azalea (Rhododendron calendulaceum)    

McAfee's Knob, Roanoke County, VA  6/15/11

The view from the summit of McAfee's Knob, a composite of several photos.        

Banded Hairstreak Netwing beetle Ground spider (Cesonia bilineata) Stink bug (Cosmopepla lintneriana) Leafhopper (Gyponana genus) nymph

Silvery Nailwort or Silverling (Paronychia agyrocoma), seen on ledge at the knob summit, about 2 inches high.  Its Virginia conservation status is S4. This report done for the  USDA Forest Service gives further information.  Thanks to Su Kim for the ID of this wildflower. Striped Wintergreen Great Fritillary Tiger moth (Haploa genus) Twirler moth (Anacampsis agrimoniella), of the Gelechiidae family, about 3 mm long

Dismal Falls, Giles County, VA  6/14/11

Dismal Creek is a western tributary of the French Broad River.

Eastern Least Clubtail (Stylogomphus albistylus), a recent metamorph.  ID thanks to Don Holt of Johnson City, TN and to Giff Beaton, who replied independently. Red-spotted Purple Red-spotted Purple Shore bug Snipe fly (Rhagio hirtus).  Actually seen near a major road at the beginning of the trail.  Species ID not certain.  

The falls A cedar tree Flower fly (Syrphus genus) Carolina Rose Wolf spiderling, maybe (about 2 mm long)  

Bear Cliffs Trail and Bald Knob, Giles County, VA  6/13/11

Appalachian Azure Great Spangled Fritillary Flame Azalea Fly Poison Squawroot (oops, the thumbnail is on its side)

Longhorned Fairy Moth.  You can see one unusually long antenna. Mountain Laurel Robber fly Galax.  Only one of the characteristically round leaves is visible in this picture. Leaf beetle (Chrysolina genus)

Buprestid beetle (Chrysobothris genus) Tachinid fly (Phasia genus) Treehopper (Ophiderma salamandra).  Flower fly (Teuchocnemis lituratus). ID thanks to Martin Hauser.

Mountain Lake Hotel, Giles County, VA  6/13/11

Chipping Sparrow Common Shore Tiger Beetle American Robin Fire Pink Mosses

Mountain Lake Hotel, Giles County, VA  6/12/11

Deptford Pink Blue-eyed Grass Hotel, from a distance Lake mudflats  

Highway 52, NC 6/12/11

This shows how Pilot Mountain probably got its name!        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  6/11/11

Common Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) blossoms Ant mimic spider (Castianeira longipalpa) Spider wasp Oblong-winged Katydid  

Dun Skipper.  This may not be obvious, but this skipper has a golden head. Ground beetle larva (Chlaenius genus?) Same larva Megachilid bee  

Durham, NC  6/9/11

Wolf spider Tarnished Plant Bug Six-spotted Fishing Spider Spined Assassin Bug, dorsal view Stranded Common Water Strider

Third Fork Creek Trail,Durham, NC  6/9/11

Long-jawed orb weaver (Tetragnatha versicolor) Megachilid bee (Megachile xylocopoides, family Megachilidae) Spotted Ladybug Beetle, Durham, NC, 6/9/11    

Durham, NC  6/8/11

Bess Beetle Japanese Beetle Swarthy Skipper (Nastra lherminier)    

Third Fork Creek Trail,Durham, NC  6/6/11

Ground Sac Spider (Castianeira longipalpa) Wolf spider White-tailed Deer    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  6/6/11

Flower longhorn beetles on a Carolina Rose Male Widow Skimmer Issid planthopper Megachilid bee Pearl Crescent

Weevil Dragonfly nymph exuvia Grass flowers Eastern Box Turtle  

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  6/5/11

Picture-winged fly Flower longhorn beetle Trumpet Creeper    

American Tobacco Trail, Durham, NC  6/4/11

Queen Anne's Lace Silktree      

Flat River Impoundment, Durham County, NC  6/3/11

Dogbane Beetle Male Eastern Amberwing Hackberry Emperor Colorado Potato Beetle Male Spangled Skimmer

Aphid and exuvia.  White material on the aphid may be unremoved part of exuvia. Backswimmer Toad Bug, seems to have growths on its back: they do seem to help with camouflage.  

Broad-headed bug Adult male Eastern Pondhawk Male Eastern Pondhawk transitioning from recent metamorph (green) to adult (blue except for the head) Salt Marsh Moth (Estigmene acrea) Moth caterpillar


Pearl Crescent Variegated Fritillary Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies on Common Milkweed: Tiger Swallowtails and what seems to be a Great Spangled Fritillary

Carolina Rose (Rosa carolina) Yellowbelly Slider.  ID thanks to Brian Bockhahn. Same Yellowbelly Slider      

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  6/2/11

Jumping Bristletail (Archaeognatha order).  Photo taken at night.  It wasn't really jumping, but that's how they distinguish it from insects that are members of two other orders but still called "bristletails." Three-lined Ant Mimic Spider Dragonfly (nymph) exuvia Pink-striped Oakworm Moth (Anisota virginiensis)  

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  6/1/11

Wolf Spider Crab Spider Carolina Roses    


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