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March 2018

Durham, NC  3/22/18

Tufted Titmouse Same Tufted Titmouse, with a seed Female Northern Cardinal, with nesting material Female Downy Woodpecker Field Pansy


Field Pansy Probably a Red-shouldered Hawk Hermit Thrush Rusy-crowned Kinglet Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet


Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet Same Ruby-crowned Kinglet Tufted Titmouse    

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, Orange County, NC  3/16/18

Northern Flicker Eastern Phoebe Male Northern Cardinal Tufted Titmouse Flower


Northern Flicker Bloodroot Little Sweet Betsy Another Little Sweet Betsy A third Little Sweet Betsy

Durham, NC  3/15/18

Eastern Comma Juvie Red-shouldered Hawk      

Durham, NC  3/13/18

Globular springtail (Katianna genus).  ID thanks to Frans Janssen, who said it was a member of "a new undescribed species." Globular springtail (maybe Bourletiella arvalis) Two globular springtails Three globular springtails Large insect, maybe a drowned grasshopper


American Elm seed pod, with springtails.  These seed pods are normally about one cm long, showing that a typical springtail is about half of a mm long. Globular springtail      

Durham, NC  3/12/18

Eastern Gray Squirrel with pine cone Same squirrel      

Durham, NC  3/10/18

Globular springtail Another globular springtail Four springtails Three globular and one Poduromorpha springtail The Poduromorpha springtail up close


Globular springtail (maybe Bourletiella arvalis) Another globular springtail Two globular springtails and an apparent larval springtail    


Two globular springtails, with a Poduromorpha springtail which is feeding on something Two globular springtails interacting A general pile-up! Poduromorpha and globular springtails.  Yellow matter might be dead springtails. Two globular springtails

Durham, NC  3/9/18

Globular springtail Two globular springtails Several springtails One podura aquatica and one globular springtail  


Podura aquatica and globular springtails Two globular springtails and a poduramorpha springtail Globular springtail Globular springtail  

Durham, NC  3/5/18

Jumping spider Spider Same spider Wasp  

Durham, NC  3/4/18

Female Downy Woodpecker        

Durham, NC 3/3/18

American Elm (Ulmus americana) seed pods Carolina Chickadee Female Eastern Bluebird Feathers Henbit


(Female) Red Maple seed pods Yellow-rumped Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler    


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