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May 2011

Sandy Creek Park, Durham, NC  5/31/11

Dion Skipper on Purple Coneflower Red-necked Cone Borers (Agrilus ruficollis): One female, two males, mating going on... Moth Mullein Female/immature Widow Skimmer  

Robber fly (Laphria divisor)        

Durham, NC  5/30/11

Luna Moth in flight Same Luna Moth in flight Same Luna Moth perched    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  5/29/11

Dogbane Beetle Another Dogbane Beetle Checkered beetle (Pelonides quadripunctatus).  ID thanks to Blaine Mathison. Tiny mantid nymph Flower (crab) spider and bee on Viburnum genus flower

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  5/27/11

Ashy Clubtail Crab spider Red Clover blossom, a composite of typical legume family (Fabaceae) flowers Lightning bug beetle Northern Pearly Eye

Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle Small fly Jumping spider with fly prey Crane fly  

North Carolina Aquarium, Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, New Hanover County, NC  5/24/11

Albino American Alligator.  According to a volunteer, it's the offspring of two alligators living in the wild in Louisiana, with the egg obtained by an appropriately licensed professional.        

Fort Fisher Recreation Area (Basin Trail), New Hanover County, NC  5/24/11

Golden-winged Skimmer Katydid on Prickly Pear flower Diamondback Terrapin Tricolored Heron (in Cape Fear River) Sphecid wasp (Palmodes dimidiatus)

Fort Fisher Recreation Area (Battery Buchanan Tour Stop), New Hanover County, NC  5/24/11

Yellow Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta qudrivittata)  Yellow Rat Snake       

Male Sand Fiddler Crab  Male Sand Fiddler Crabs: they competed for a crab hole, and the one on the right won.     

Fort Fisher Recreation Area (Battery Buchanan Tour Stop), New Hanover County, NC  5/23/11

Great Egret  Wharf Crab  Wharf Crab  Sand Fiddler and Brackish-water Crabs   

Great Egret  American Oystercatcher  Salt Marsh Skipper  Blooming Marsh Pennywort  

Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC 5/23/11

Black Skimmer, Lake Park, at 5:48 PM  Black Skimmers Eurasian Collared Dove    

Carolina Beach State Park, New Hanover County, NC  5/23/11

Flower longhorn beetle  Mourning Doves  Bee fly (Exoprosopa genus) Phaon Crescent  


Prickly Pear flower with flower longhorn beetle.  The beetle finally got out of the flower after some struggling. Tread-softly (Cnidoscolus stimulosus), a member of the spurge family.  It has stinging hairs.  Prickly Pears with flowers  Robber fly   

Fort Fisher Recreation Area (Battery Buchanan Tour Stop), New Hanover County, NC  5/22/11

Red-winged Blackbird  Snowy Egret Campsomeris plumipes wasp on Firewheel Prickly Pear in flower   

Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC  5/22/11

Mallard family with frisky duckling, apparently out of control, Lake Park  Common Starling Eurasian Collared Dove Young male Red-winged Blackbird, Lake Park  

Durham, NC  5/21/11

Sooty Crane Fly (Tipula fuliginosa).  ID thanks to Chen Young. Spotted Cucumber Beetle Common Buckeye      

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  5/20/11

Question Mark, ventral view.  You can see the white "question mark" on the hind wing. Question Mark, showing dorsal view American Snout Hiding Zebra Swallowtail Hiding American Lady


Green lacewing larva Little Wood Satyr Striped Lynx spider    

Durham, NC  5/20/11

The only evidence of 13-year periodical cicadas in my SW Durham neighborhood showed up on the ground in two widely separated locations:

13-year periodical cicada wings.  Top: hindwing; bottom: forewing.        

Eno River State Park, Old Cole Mill Road access, Durham and Orange Counties, NC, 5/18/11

Dark variant Silvery Checkerspot Silvery Checkerspot Great Spangled Fritillaries Asian Multi-colored Ladbybug Beetle larva Male Zabulon Skipper

13-year periodical cicada exuvia and adult.  Notice tiny beetle? on the exuvia. 13-year periodical cicada exuvia Another 13-year cicada exuvia 13-year periodical cicadas emerged through these holes.  Two exuvia are shown. Mason Wasps (Monobia quadridens), Eno River State Park, Orange County, NC, 5/18/11  

Durham, NC  5/16/11

Variegated Fritillary Question Mark Chipping Sparrow Same Chipping Sparrow

Durham, NC  5/15/11

Green Six-spotted Tiger Beetle Stink bug nymph (Menecletes insertus) Shield-backed katydid Venus- Looking Glass Boxelder Bug nymph

Durham, NC  5/14/11

Dirt-colored Seed Bug (Rhyparochromidae family), Myodochini tribe, possibly Slaterobius genus.  ID thanks to v belov. Orange Sulphur Rove beetle Pillbugs  

Durham, NC  5/11/11

Venus' Looking Glass Scarab beetle      

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  5/10/11

I heard two species of cicadas, not always in the same places.  You can report these sightings at https://www.magicicada.org, but need to have exact GPS coordinates to get on their map.  That website shows you how to identify species by sound and by ventral-view photos.

13-year Periodical Cicada (Magicicada tredecim? trecassini?) 13-year Periodical Cicada, recent metamorph 13-year Periodical Cicada: adult and exuvia 13-year Periodical Cicada with an incompletely dried forewing 13-year Periodical Cicada exuviae.  You can see that the nymphs had little wing pads.

Eyed Click Beetle Aphid Front view of a 13-year Periodical Cicada    

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  5/9/11

Backswimmer Water strider (Trepobates genus), about an inch long, the biggest I've ever seen Water strider (Trepobates genus) exuvia Silvery Checkerspot on the hand of an unknown butterfly whisperer Mirid bug nymph

Picture-winged fly Click beetle Eastern Indian Paintbrush Virginia Spiderwort Bluet

Boone, Watauga County, NC  5/7/11

Song Sparrow        

Blue Ridge Parkway (Mileposts 299-300), NC  5/6/11

Sessile Bellwort (Uvularia sessifolia) True Strawberry      

Tanawha Trail (Mileposts 299-300), NC  5/6/11

Dwarf Crested Iris (I. cristata) Canadian Violet Halberd-leaf Violet Another Halberd-leaf Violet  

Painted Trillium (T. undulatum) Red Trillium (T. erectum) Veery (a kind of thrush).  Thanks to Simon Thompson and Dave Lenat for ID. Same Veery  

Tiger swallowtail A creek Mayapple flower Small crane fly, about the size of a mosquito  

Canadian Mayflower (Maiathemum canadensis), Liliaceae family member        

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