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May 2017

Swan Quarter, Hyde County, NC  5/21/17

Barn Swallow in flight Barn Swallow, also in flight Delaware Skipper Killdeer Same Killdeer


Killdeer Female Needham's Skimmer Palatka Skipper Female Seaside Dragonlet Perhaps teneral female Seaside Dragonlet


Male Seaside Skimmer, nearly adult Teneral male Seaside Skimmer Another teneral male Seaside Skimmer Male Seaside Skimmer, nearly adult Adult male Seaside Skimmer

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, Orange County, NC  5/18/17

Ambush bug Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Syrphid fly (Toxomerus genus) Gray Hairstreak Long-jawed orb weaver


Rose Pogonia orchid (Pogonia Ophioglossoides) Smooth Coneflower Virginia Spiderwort buds Wasp ovipositing Tiny wasp


Wasp with ovipositor Spider wasp visiting a pitcher plant. It actually went just inside it and came out. Watershield flower Same Watershield flower  

Flat River Waterfowl Impoundment, northeastern Durham County, NC  5/16/17

Silvery Checkerspot Same Silvery Checkerspot Silvery Checkerspot Clay-colored Leaf Beetle (Anomoea laticlavia) Same Clay-colored Leaf Beetle (Anomoea laticlavia)


Jumping spider Same jumping spider Daisy Fowler's Toad  


Ashy Clubtail Crab spider Redbelly Water Snake American Lady    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC

Question Mark Red Admiral River Cooter Silvery Checkerspot Silvery Checkerspot


Sundrops Variegated Fritillary Wildflowers Male Zabulon Skipper Male Zabulon Skipper


Asters Teneral Blue Dasher Ebony Jewelwing Great Blue Skimmer Long-jawed orb weaver


Question Mark        

Durham, NC  5/14/17

Weevil (Lixus genus) Same weevil Rambur's Forktail    


Moth Marsh fly Ladybug beetle larva exuvia Green Six-spotted Tiger Beetle Teneral Spangled Skimmer


Northern Cricket Frog Another Northern Cricket Frog Teneral Blue Dasher Male Northern Cardinal Same male Northern Cardinal

Durham, NC  5/10/17

Broad-headed bug (Alydus eurinus) Bug Male Northern Cardinal Grass flowers Jumping spider


Leafmining leaf beetle (Sumitrosis inaequalis) Mating beetles (Photinus genus) Red Clover Stink bug nymph Stink bug nymph with aphid prey


Swamp Milkweed Beetle Thrip Treehopper (Entylia carinata) Twig or stem weevil (Cylindrocopturus quercus).  ID thanks to Blaine Mathison. Wheel Bug nymph


Weevil (Lixus genus) Same weevil      

Durham, NC  5/9/17

Bee fly Large iris, seen in swampy area with many nonflowering iris plants Southern Short-tailed Shrew (Blarina carolinensis), showing vestigial eye Same Southern Short-tailed Shrew, showing foot Same Southern Short-tailed Shrew, showing everything but its furry tail


Same Southern Short-tailed Shrew        

Durham, NC  5/6/17

Bean Leaf Beetle (Cerotoma trifurcata) Another Bean Leaf Beetle (Cerotoma trifurcata). ID thanks to Brandon Woo. Teneral Blue Dasher Adult Blue Dasher Dayflying lightning bug beetle


Male Fiery Skipper on White Clover Mating flower flies (Toxomerus genus) Long-legged fly? (very tiny) Golden-backed Snipe Fly Ichneumon wasp


Jumping spider Same jumping spider Leaffooted bug Leafhopper nymph Same leafhopper nymph


Leafrolling moth (Olethreutes sericorana) Mating lightning bug beetles Moth Pickerelweed with male Fiery Skipper Issid planthopper nymph (Thionia simplex, maybe)


Shore bug (Salda lugubris), seen in a drainage conduit to a pond. ID thanks to Vassily Belov. Tiny spider Stink bug nymph Tachina fly Venus' Looking Glass


Yellow-collared Scape Moth Antmimic spider Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle    

Durham, NC  5/4/17

Appalachian Brown, with two damaged hind wings; this shows the left side. Here is the right side of the same Appalachian Brown. Golden-backed Snipe Fly (Chrysopilus thoracicus)    

Larkspur, Marin County, CA  5/2/17

Ferries at Larkspur Landing        

Durham, NC 5/1/17

California Quail Common Shore Tiger Beetle Another Common Shore Tiger Beetle pair, mating Male Flame Skimmer Fly


Fly Another fly Pea Stream Bluet Stream Bluet pair


White-crowned Sparrow Another White-crowned Sparrow White-winged Scoter (in the Pacific Ocean) Wildflowers  


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