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November 2009

Weymouth Woods, Southern Pines, Moore County, NC  11/28/09

All of the insects in this row were airborne.

Tiny scarab beetle, about 3 or 4 mm long Filmy Dome Spider Stonefly, about 10 mm long Aphid  

Durham, NC  11/25/09

One last turn through the leaf litter:

Springtail, showing one antennae and the two-forked "springtail" Springtail, with a better view of its back, or rather, its iridescence. This shows what the springtail's back really looks like without reflections.    


Very tiny springtail Wolf spider      

American Tobacco Trail (Miles 0-2), Durham, NC  11/20/09

Common Buckeye Male Northern Cardinal Kudzu flower, one of just a few left Henbit  

Durham, NC  11/16/09

Wasp (Polistes genus) Spotted Cucumber Beetle Bee using tongue to get nectar Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus) Tiny fly (about 2 mm long), maybe a fungus gnat

Durham, NC  11/15/09

Flower fly (Helophilus fasciatus) Blowfly Tachinid fly Another wasp-mimicking fly  


Blowfly Tachinid Fly      

Durham, NC  11/13/09

Crane fly.  You can see the pin-like halteres (vestigial wings) pointing down from the thorax.        

Durham, NC  11/9/09

Florida Predatory Stink Bug Ground Beetle (Amara aulica) Winged ant    

Durham, NC  11/8/09

Leaffooted Bug Boxelder Bug, one of at least 5 close together on a Red Maple. Marsh fly, seen at my local marsh Flea beetle, seen at local marsh Tachinid fly (Trichopoda pennipes), seen at local marsh Adult aphid, caught while flying

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  11/5/09

Autumn Meadowhawk, about an inch long.  See other dragonflies.        

Durham, NC  11/3/09

Centipede.  See other non-insect, non-spider arthropods. Not sure what this is. It was very tiny, maybe 3 mm long. Another unfamiliar arthropod, perhaps a centipede    


Fiery Skipper on a Butterfly Bush Leaffooted Bug Funnel Web Spider    


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