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November 2016

Durham, NC 11/30/16

Dwarf spider Springtail Same springtail    

Durham, NC 11/25/16

Apparently rather wet male Eastern Bluebird Same Eastern Bluebird Banner ad pulled by a plane    

Durham, NC 11/24/16

American Robin American Crow Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Running crab spider  

Durham, NC 11/23/16

Female or teneral Autumn Meadowhawk        

Durham, NC 11/22/16

Hermit Thrush Dark-eyed Junco Dark-eyed Junco Northern Mockingbird  

Durham, NC 11/20/16

Carolina Wren Killdeer Killdeers Rose, with a crane fly Turkey Vulture

Durham, NC 11/19/16

Common Barklouse Bee on a White Heath Aster flower Partially hidden Carolina Wren Northern Cricket Frog Another Northern Cricket Frog


Millipedes Some of our very tall trees      

Sandy Creek Park, Durham, NC 11/18/16

This might be an adult nonbreeding female Rusty Blackbird. A pale eyebrow is barely visible. Nonbreeding adult male Rusty Blackbird Another photo of the same bird Female Autumn Meadowhawk Common Buckeye


Cloudless Sulphur Aphid Snail    

Durham, NC 11/17/16

Green Lacewing larva Jumping spider (female Hentzia mitrata) Same jumping spider Tachinid fly Wasp getting sap

Durham, NC 11/16/16

Yellow Jacket seeking something where a branch has broken off Jumping spider (female Hentzia palmarum) Jumping spider Tiny fly Small fly


Big and little flies Flesh fly Barklouse    

Durham, NC 11/15/16

Common Sunflowers (Bidens aristosa) Red-tailed Hawk Song Sparrow Turkey Vulture  

North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC 11/13/16

Tall forest trees Male Hooded Mergansers (only one clearly visible) Maybe the same male Hooded Merganser with a mystery bird in the foreground Female Hooded Merganser Installation in the lobby of the old building, meant to look like an airplane and its contrail


Bugatti Type 57S Aerolithe, 1935, part of the "Rolling Sculpture" exhibit of Art Deco cars from the '30s and '40s.        

New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA (wildlife)

Mayfly Another mayfly Male House Sparrow Another male House Sparrow Juvie male House Sparrow


Honeybee Anole      

New Orleans and more (non-wildlife)

Bourbon Street Chris Rose, journalist covering Hurricane Katrina's damage, seen giving tour on Nov. 6. Forest fire in the Blue Ridge Mountains Joan of Arc statue in the French Quarter Mardi Gras beads, etc. decorating a tree in the French Quarter

Audubon Aquarium, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA 11/8/16

African Penguin Blowfish Same blowfish Fish Fish


Fish Lionfish Pacu Piranha Ray


Ray Seahorse Seahorses Shark  

Audubon Insectarium, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA 11/8/16

Leaf-cutting ants carrying leaves More leaf-cutting ants Where they store their leaves Brown Tip (Siproeta epaphus) Another Brown Tip


Unidentifiable butterfly Dirce Beauty (Colobura dirce) Postman

Velvet Worm (thought to be the missing link between annelids and arthropods)

Baby American Alligators

Audubon Park, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA 11/05/16

American Coot Black-bellied Whistling Duck Black-bellied Whistling Ducks Black-bellied Whistling Ducks Black-bellied Whistling Ducks


Loyola University White Ibis      

Durham, NC 11/2/16

Northern Cricket Frog Another Northern Cricket Frog Female Fiery Skipper Grasshopper nymph Not a live leafhopper, but whether it was dead or just an exuvia will remain a mystery.


Parasitic wasp (Labena grallator) Tiny aphid, caught while flying Same aphid Crane fly Question Mark


Vine Yellow-collared Scape Moth on White Heath Aster Yellow-rumped Warbler Same Yellow-rumped Warbler  


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