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September 2010

Carolina Beach State Park, New Hanover County, NC  9/28/10

Broad-winged Skipper on marsh fleabane (camphorweed), Pluchea indica.  One of two seen together.  ID thanks to Harry LeGrand. Ox beetle (Strategus splendens) Gulf Fritillary (on an oak tree) Milkweed Assassin Bug Milkweed Assassin Bug nymph

Southern Pearly Eye Four bee flies on an aster, Poecilognathus genus Wildflower, with bee flies, also Poecilgnathus    

Fort Fisher Basin Trail, New Hanover County, NC  9/28/10

Queen, dorsal view Queen, ventral wing view Long-legged fly (Hydrophorus genus).  It skated briskly on the water surface. Megachilid bee (note tiny fly on leftmost flower), one of many Wharf crab

Rose Gentian or Salt Marsh Pink (Sabatia stellaris) Beach Pennywort flowers Firewheels Tievine or Cotton Morning Glory (Ipomoea cordatotriloba)


Trailing Wild Bean in a drainage ditch These Dune Bluecurls were common on the initial marshy stretch of the Basin Trail. Bitter Sneezeweed    

Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC  9/27/10

At Lake Park

The heavy rains caused flooding.  Despite a pump used to drain water from the lake, much grass was under water.

American Toad Bullfrog Tricolored Heron Male Red-winged Blackbird

At the beach

Sanderling Willet Male Boat-tailed Grackle in Cabbage Palm at Lake Park Sanderlings flying    

In an undeveloped field

Wild Poinsettia (Euphorbia heterophylla), one of many in a patch

Jordan Lake Dam, Moncure, Chatham County, NC  9/20/10

Jordan Lake is on one side of the dam, the Haw River on the other.  All of these photos were taken near the edge of the Haw River side of the dam, on the far side from the parking lot, unless otherwise specified.

Female Checkered White, dorsal view Same female Checkered White, ventral view Male Checkered White, ventral view Checkered White, with what seems to be a bee in the foreground.  It isn't clearly a male or female, might be a faded female. New metamorph male Checkered White, or with deformed wing Female Checkered White. Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk

Great Blue Heron on Haw River side of the dam. Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk Snowberry Clearwing Moth, at butterfly garden Little Yellow, at top of dam Female Sachem, at butterfly garden Winter form Sleepy Orange


Turkey Vultures at dam water level gate control area Common Buckeye, with dark coloring characteristic for later in the season Black Widow, near parking lot Redstars  

Jordan Lake, seen from the top of the dam Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle larva Morning glories (Ipomoea purpurea) Jordan Lake Dam spillway (and the source of the Haw River).  The far side was where the Checkered Whites showed up.  

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  9/17/10

Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Treehopper (Acutalis tartarea) Hearts-a-bustin' Asian Dayflower  

Orb weaver Clouded Skipper Promethea (Callosamia promethea) Caterpillar, according to Clyde Sorenson.  Tulip Tree Silk Moth (Callsamia angulifera) according to Janie Harmon Owens. Sweet Everlasting  

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  9/15/10

Common Wood Nymph Rabbit Purple False Foxglove Woolly Bear Tarnished Plant Bug

Flat River Impoundment, Wake County, NC  9/14/10

The dominant flower was a yellow aster, the Bidens aristosa, commonly known as Bearded Beggarticks.

Great Egrets        

Seventeen Great Egrets Chinese Mantis Hackberry Emperor (lateral view) Hackberry Emperor (dorsal view) Cardinal Flowers


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Monarch Passionflower: bud, opening flower and leaf Robber fly Sleepy Orange Bearded Beggarticks (Bidens aristosa)

Durham, NC, 9/12/10

Eastern Comma        

Falls Lake Dam area, Wake County, NC  9/11/10

Weevil (Conotrachelus posticatus) Spider wasp (Psorthaspis mariae).  It successfully mimicked a velvet ant in its movements. Orb weaver (Micrathena mitrata) Pearl Crescent Male damselfly, possibly a faded Blue-fronted Dancer

Damselfly, the classic "little brown job." Jack-in-the-Pulpit Jack-in-the-Pulpit Lobelia puberula  


Butterfly Pea (Clitoria mariana) Hypericum genus? Gall on oak leaf Pink Lespedeza  

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  9/6/10

Gemmed Satyr Hackberry Emperor in an open field, backlit Redstar, a member of the morning glory family Pink Lespedeza branch  

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  9/5/10

A female black form Eastern Tiger Swallowtail which had seen some action.        

Moses Cone Memorial Park (a Blue Ridge Natural Heritage Area), Watauga County, NC  9/1/10

Meadow Fritillary, with damaged forewing, could not fly Female black form Eastern Tiger Swallowtail          

Julian Price Park (National Park Service), Blue Ridge Parkway (Milepost 297), Watauga County, NC  9/1/10

Price Lake Partridge Berry (Mitchella repens), a member of the Rubiaceae family.  Described on the US Forest Service Partridge Berry Page.  ID thanks to Janie Harmon Owens. Club moss    

White-tailed Deer doe White-tailed Deer doe and fawn    


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