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December 2007

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC   12/29/07

White-throated Sparrow Hermit Thrush      

Durham, NC   12/27/07

Brown-headed Nuthatch Tufted Titmouse.  It sat on this birdfeeder pole for several minutes, looking puzzled.  

Durham, NC  12/25/07

This Hermit Thrush made some interesting attempts to get food from our feeders and nearby.  It found its way to a pole supporting two feeders, then onto a fake branch, then down to the railing, examining a corn cob leaning against it before turning away and looking perplexed.  It did eat some leftovers on the railing. Finally (unfortunately not captured on camera), the thrush approached the suet feeder, trying to hover hummingbird-like beside it but not landing.  Then it flew away.

Scott Jackson-Ricketts of Grayson County, VA has discovered how to enable a Hermit Thrush to eat from a feeder.  He keeps "one tube feeder hanging from (his) porch, with an adjacent water pan, more often than not void of water.  He/she uses the water pan as a perch, and reaches into the tube feeder holes."  However, he says, this thrush only comes "during snow, wind, cold."




Durham, NC  12/21/07

These pictures were taken by Karl D. Gottschalk.

Pine Warbler Carolina Wren Male Eastern Bluebird

Jordan Lake at the end of Indian Creek Wildlife Observation Trail, 12/21/07

Great Blue Herons in competition for a fish (actually, it's no contest: the one is just chasing the other, who has the fish).        


Great Blue Heron, flying with fish in its beak.      

Durham, NC   12/19/07

Female House Finch Female Purple Finch Female Northern Cardinal

Durham, NC  12/15/07-12/18/07

Male Eastern Bluebird, 12/15/07 Male Eastern Bluebird, 12/17/07 Male American Goldfinch, 12/18/07
Male Downy Woodpecker, 12/18/07, knowing he was being watched, but not from where!    

Durham, NC   12/8/07

American Goldfinch, probably male, in transitional plumage, with feathers puffed outward to keep warm Pine Warbler, three views    

Off Carolina Beach in Atlantic Ocean, New Hanover County, NC   12/4/07

Shrimp boat with Brown Pelicans and various gulls in tow  

Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC  12/3/07

American Coots.  These pictures illustrate the unique features of their large and unusual feet: They have webbing of a sort, but it doesn't join their toes the way it does with ducks.  Apparently when swimming, they hold their toes together as shown in the rightmost picture.        


White Ibises Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides), a domestic goose species originating in East Asia.  It hung around with Mallards.      


Fort Fisher Recreational Area, New Hanover County, NC  12/2/07

Tricolored Heron Willet Immature Great Black-backed Gull, according to Jeff Pippen.  According to Sibley (2003), it was in its first winter.


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