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Bird Blog:  May 2005

Juvenile American Robin, Durham, 5/27/05. Juvenile Northern Mockingbird, Durham, 5/27/05.  The babies were making characteristic pitiful-sounding "tweee" sounds from the holly tree they were nesting in, but this one is clearly beyond that stage. Male Eastern Towhee, NC Botanical Garden, 5/29/05.


Female Purple Martin, Durham, 5/23/05.  This was at the same martin apartment birdhouse. Juvenile Northern Mockingbird, Durham, 5/23/05. Adult Northern Mockingbird, nearby, perhaps a parent. Male Northern Cardinal, Durham, 5/23/05.  He tried the feeders and the seeds on the deck, all in a terrible light.


When we were in Ocracoke, a male House Sparrow claimed the area near where we were staying, going "CHEEP! CHEEP!  CHEEP!" all day, day after day.  So when a female showed up on 5/18/05, I thought we were going to get some relief.  Unfortunately, as these pictures show, things didn't go according to plan.  At this point, things were clearly hopeless. So this little rascal remained the noisiest bachelor in town.


This group of unattached Ocracoke male Mallards seemed more resigned to their fate than the House Sparrow on 5/18/05. This Barn Swallow did some fancy acrobatics while preening on 5/19/05 in Ocracoke. OK, it's a domesticated Ocracoke chicken, but its sitting in a tree shows it's still got a wild streak!


Female Northern Cardinal, on the fake branch of the birdfeeder, 5/12/05. Male Purple Martin, Durham, 5/12/05.  Note this bird has a piece of brown paper in his claw, having recently landed. Now the martin has the brown paper in his beak.  Then he stuffed it in the birdhouse.


Northern Cardinal, Durham, 5/7/05.  Perhaps the most common birds around here, they also are unusually successful at avoiding being photographed.  There's probably a relationship! Blue Jay, Durham, 5/7/05.  I've seen very few Blue Jays in my neighborhood, but I've seen a number of them in deep woods, such as Hemlock Bluffs in Cary, NC.  I've never seen a Blue Jay at a birdfeeder.  Male American Goldfinch, 5/8/05.  In full summer plumage, this bird and his mate are enjoying thistle seed. Male and female American Goldfinches, Durham, 5/8/05. Female American Goldfinch, Durham, 5/8/05


Carolina Wren, Durham, 5/3/05. Ovenbird, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, Wake County, NC, 5/8/05. 


© 2005 Dorothy E. Pugh. All photos copyrighted.

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