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May 2008


Haw River State Park, Guilford & Rockingham Counties, NC May 31, 2008

Many of these animals turned up on a (mainly) bird-watching guided tour of the park trails given by Curtis Smalling, who identified the Gray Petaltail and Spangled Skimmers.

Gray Petaltail.  See other dragonflies. Female Spangled Skimmer Eastern Fence Lizard Casebearer beetle (Babia quadriguttata), about 3 mm long    


One-spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela unipunctata) Zebra Flower Longhorn Beetle Glowworm beetle Male Spangled Skimmer  


Horse fly Woolly aphid Mystery moth Painted Turtle  


Appalachian Brown Probably a deer fly Sparkling Jewelwing.  See other damselflies. Whirligig Beetle Adult water strider, maybe Trepobates subnitidus, Haw River State Park, Rockingham County, NC, 5/30/08.   One of many in a pond.

Haw River State Park, Guilford & Rockingham Counties, NC May 30, 2008

Eyed Click Beetle Calico Pennant Male Five-lined Skink, with tail stump, shortly after skirmish with another skink. Mystery beetle (3 mm long) Lichen Moth  


Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle larva apparently about to become a pupa. Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle pupa Aphid Aphid with what seems to be molted "skin" Woolly aphid

Lightning beetle, with deformed wings Orchard Spider Elongate Long-jawed Orb Weaver Mystery leaf beetle Moth, very tiny

Durham, NC  5/29/08

Jumping spider with prey Mating muscid flies Ladybug beetle pupa, maybe still in process (is that a leg?).  Not an Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle (no spines on larval skin). Rhopalid bug  


Zebra Flower Longhorn Beetle Clouded Skipper Mystery fly Spider  


Least Skipper Galerucinid Leaf beetle Ebony Bug  About 1 mm long. Tarnished Plant Bug, maybe 3 mm long.  


Brown Stink Bug Zebra Flower Longhorn Beetle Green Treefrog Marsh fly Warty Leaf Beetle.  It looks more like a bison than any buffalo does!

Durham, NC  5/27/08

Wheel Bug nymph Jumping spider Tumbling flower beetle    

Durham, NC  5/26/08

Question Mark (ventral view).  See other butterflies. Question Mark (dorsal view) Squash Bug.  This bug appears black in normal light, but reflects blue (from a flash).  Maybe this is a natural defense against UV radiation. Female Eastern Tailed Blue  


Zebra Flower Longhorn Beetle Snipe fly (genus to be determined)      

Durham, NC  5/25/08

Mystery scarab beetle Same scarab beetle Earwig    

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  5/24/08

Rhopalid Bug (Harmostes genus) White form Orange Sulphur Weevil on daisy Leafhopper nymphs  


Question Mark Dog Tick, perhaps reaching out for a prospective host. Small spider Ichneumonid wasp  


Velvet mite   Solitary bee Robber fly (Laphria divisor) Viola's Satyr


Mirid Bug (Lopidea genus) Flat-faced longhorn beetle (Hemierana marginata argens).  ID thanks to Mike Thomas.

Durham, NC  5/23/08

Dog Tick Spotted Ladybug Beetles (Coleomegilla maculata)   Spotted Ladybug Beetle larva Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle Thread-waisted Wasp.  This wasp was missing a wing and unable to move much.


Pyralid moth (Desmia funeralis) Female Citrine Forktail Springtail.  See other non-insect arthropods.    

Hanging Rock State Park, Stokes County, NC  5/22/08

Oak Treehopper Flower fly, maybe an Allograpta obliqua, subfamily Syrphinae Bee-like robber fly (Laphria sericea.  Alas, very confusing shadows! Red-banded Hairstreak Male Broadhead Skink.  See other lizards.


Lichen Moth Fungus gnat (Mycetophilidae family).  Family ID by Andy Calderwood, seconded by Eric R. Eaton Ground spider? Ichneumonid wasp Black Rat Snake


Phaonia genus, Muscidae family fly.   

Old Salem and nearby walkway, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC  5/21/08

Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle Boxelder Bug nymph (taken on city path leading to Old Salem) Cabbage White

American Tobacco Trail, Durham, NC  5/19/08

Rough Green Snake Same Rough Green Snake, up close  


Twice-stabbed Ladybug Beetle (Chilocorus stigma), American Tobacco Trail, Durham, NC, 5/19/08.  Alas, a rear view of this tiny (2 mm) beetle. Cabbage White          

Durham, NC  5/18/08

Five-lined Skink.  See other lizards Speckled Sharpshooter (Paraulacizes irrorata)   Red-spotted Ant Mimic Spider  White-lined Burrower Bug (Sehira cinctus) nymph Long-legged fly 


Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci).  ID thanks to John R. Maxwell.   Mite (Anystis baccarum)  Young Blue Jay.  See other birds Small Buprestid beetle  Male Eastern Bluebird 


Sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona).  See other leafhoppers Common Backswimmer (Notonecta glauca).  See other (aquatic) true bugs. Katydid nymph with aphid.  Not a lot of interest there!  Aphids tended by ants.  Lots of interest here!   

Durham, NC  5/17/08 

Red-banded Hairstreak  Tiny carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci), about 2 mm long  Rhopalid bug  Tarnished Plant Bug 


Jumping spider with ant prey  Buprestid beetle  Crab spider  Same crab spider, up close.  You can see all eight eyes, the fangs and the chelicerae.   


Leaf beetle (Cryptocephalus quadruplex Blue Dasher  Male midge     

Durham, NC  5/16/08

Male Broadhead Skink.  See other lizards. Stink bug (Menecles insertus) nymph Jumping spider, about 8 mm long, on car surface This tiny beetle seemed at home floating on water, but eventually crawled out.    

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro, NC  5/14/08

Meerkat  Bobcat Puffin Canada Goose gosling, a zoo visitor  


Female Hooded Merganser  Gemsbok Hamadryas Baboons Summer Azure, another zoo visitor   

Durham, NC  5/13/08

Springtail.  See other springtails and members of the less familiar arthopod classes. Spider wasp attempting to drag a spider across pavement You don't always get to see some animals, such as this Cabbage White, in media res, so I settled for this discovery.  See other butterflies.

Durham, NC  5/10/08

Warty Leaf Beetle Very well-fed Wheel Bug nymph Treehopper (Entylia carinata) Jumping spider  

Solitary bee (about 4 mm long) Female Damselfly Young Fowler's Toad (about 12 mm long) Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Bowl and Doily Spider

Durham, NC  5/9/08

Springtail Springtail Silverfish (outside) Ischyrus quadripunctatus, a type of pleasing fungus beetle (Erotylidae family) Green Lacewing


Crab spider  

Durham, NC  5/8/08

Beetle Mating leaf beetles (Microtheca ochroloma, subfamily Chrysolmelinae) Probably Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle pupa (note spiny discarded larval skin at top) Stink bug nymph (Menecles insertus) Jumping spider (2 or 3 mm long)

Durham, NC  5/7/08

Eastern Tailed Blue Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle Flower Longhorn Beetle Ants tending aphids  


Viceroy Flea beetle.  Maybe their name has something to do with the fact that they can jump about 3 feet when pursued! Male Citrine Forktail. See other damselflies.    


Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  5/6/08

Flea Beetle (Altica genus), about 2 mm long.  Thanks to Rob Westerduijn for ID. Leafhopper nymph Another leafhopper nymph Scorpionfly Spider


Ladybug beetle larva molting Mirid bug adult (Lopidea genus) Mirid bug nymph (Lopidea genus) Click beetle (Elaterinae subfamily) Orchard Spider, probably overexposed

Durham, NC  5/5/08

Ichneumonid Wasp Flower fly Pearl Crescent, showing some wear    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  5/4/08

Eastern Box Turtle, up close and at a distance        


This Question Mark has the white "question mark" on its hind wing, only rotated 90° clockwise. Same Question Mark Silvery Checkerspot Variegated Fritillary Red Admiral


Red-spotted Purple Common Buckeye, with a few pieces missing Skimmer dragonfly in flight Criocerinae subfamily leaf beetle, possibly an Oulema cornutus Young adult Blue Dasher


Lace bug Harvestman      

Durham, NC  5/1/08

Lots of small animals will crawl up from the soil onto a watering can lying on its side.  But you can see the usual interesting critters out in the (soccer) field.

Maybe a book louse (aka bark louse),  was less than 1 mm long. Springtail (about 1 mm long) with an even smaller hexapod. Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle pupa.  The black material in front (right) is the discarded larval skin. Forest Tent Caterpillar moth

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