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Slugs and Snails (Stylommatophora order, Gastropoda class, Mollusca phylum)

Pacific Banana Slugs (Arionidae family)

Mt. Tamalpais is 2571 feet high and fairly close to the Pacific coast.  It's not always toasty warm, but it's apparently just right for the giant Pacific Banana Slug (which can reach 10 inches in length) and some salamanders.

Pacific Banana Slug (Ariolimax californicus).   Photographer's name was removed at his request.  Mt. Tamalpais State Park, Marin County, CA  10/29/07

Various Snails

Sea snails, Gulf Shores National Seashore, Ocean Springs, MS 9/7/03 Sea snails, Ft. Fisher Basin Trail, 10/18/05.  These snails turned up by the thousands after Hurricane Ophelia. Snail, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, 1/8/05 Snail, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, 1/9/05


Aquatic Snail, NC Botanical Garden, Orange County, 1/19/06. Aquatic snail, Durham, 2/2/06. Three aquatic snails, Durham, NC, 11/9/10  


Snail, Durham, 2/10/05. Snail, Craggy Gardens, Macon County, NC, 7/8/05 Leopard Slug, Durham, NC, 5/31/09.  These leave silvery trails which, when dried, disappear at the touch of a finger.


A very big clam on the shore of Jordan Lake, Chatham County, NC, 9/11/05.  Note the tiny centipedes at the bottom of the picture.

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