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Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC

Pond to the side of the trail, with a natural oily sheen caused by the breakdown of organic matter on 11/26/11, not long after our first hard freeze that fall.  Its source could be anything from bacteria to insect exuviae (molted exoskeletons). This trail was flooded on 9/7/11 after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene had come through. Fall colors in a neighboring power line cut on 10/29/11          

In 2011, a new natural area bordering a Durham wetland opened to the public: a paved trail through a low-lying area, next to a creek and a sewer line, with the borders of the trail mowed just often enough to allow wildflowers to grow.  It has presented unique opportunities to observe tiny, often very young, arthropods, which congregated on the bright yellow trail bollards (often seen in the background of these photos) placed on the trail to discourage car traffic.  Most were very young spiders, especially what were apparently large numbers of False Black Widows late in the season.   Perhaps because of this, spider wasps showed up regularly for about a month and the spider population seemed to go down at that time.  Although most insects disappeared after the first frost, the spiders survived the winter. 

In  March and early April of 2012, an irruption of Fall Cankerworm Moth (Alsophila pometaria) caterpillars took place; these inchworms seemed to be dangling by their silk from every tree, creating an annoyance so great it was reported in the local newspaper.  At around the same time there was another irruption, of large iridescent fast-moving ground beetles known as Caterpillar Hunters (Calosoma scrutata) and the inchworms soon disappeared.  The beetles disappeared soon afterward.

Around October 27, 2012, Hurricane Sandy passed along the North Carolina coast, plunging the Piedmont and mountain parts of the state into premature winter.  Initially, temperatures were 20° F below the seasonal norm but gradually returned to normal about a month later.  This had a variety of effects on the local fauna: on one hand, numerous Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetles showed with abnormally large spots and wrinkles, slow-moving and in generally poor shape.  Some of the small spiders, on the other hand, survived well and Painted Lady butterflies lingered until the last wildflowers of the season, the White Heath Asters, went away (at the normal time for them).  Very active False Black Widow spiderlings abounded throughout the winter, while winged aphids parked on the trail bollards with them.

This page attempts to present a photo of a member of every species photographed on walks along this trail.  Not all species are identified, and some have tentative IDs.  The take-home message: this environment, a mix of urban fixtures and meadow vegetation (mowed yearly in autumn), made it easy to observe some common yet elusive forms of animal life.


Hermit Thrush, 2/14/15 Red-shouldered Hawk, 12/24/11 White-throated Sparrow, 2/7/15 Male Northern Cardinal, 4/4/12 Male Eastern Bluebird, 1/5/13  Tufted Titmouse, 11/22/12 Tufted Titmouse (I think!) in early nest-building stages, 11/26/11 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, in breeding plumage, 11/21/11          


Green Treefrog, escaping from the downpour the previous night on a railing, 9/28/11 Recent metamorph (Copes?) Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor or chrysoscelis), a little less than an inch long, 8/7/13 A recent metamorph treefrog (Hyla versicolor or chrysoscelis), about 10 mm long, 7/13/14 Looks like a hybrid Southern Leopard Frog and a Green Frog, showed up far from water, unlike typical Green Frogs, 8/5/13 Northern Cricket Frog, 7/29/13 Tadpoles by the side of the trail, 4/3/12.  They showed up farther down the trail than I normally go.          


Black Rat Snake, 7/30/11, seen next to the trail. A Brown Snake I found lying coiled up on the trail.  It quickly became lively when I picked it up on 12/13/12 Another view of the Brown Snake (12/13/12) Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi), 11/19/12          


Subadult Five-lined Skink, 7/22/12          


Eastern Mud Turtle, 6/19/12 Same Eastern Mud Turtle, plastron view Eastern Box Turtle, 7/10/12          


White-tailed Deer, 3/21/12          


Adult Jumping spider (Phidippus audax?), found inside a nutshell.  Mostly likely a Daring Jumping Spider, 7/29/11 Jumping spider (probably Phidippus putnami), 7/24/13 Jumping spider (female Phidippus clarus) Jumping spider, a female Phidippus otiosus, 10/28/14 Jumping spider (Phidippus otiosus), 10/3/14 Big jumping spider (Phidippus otiosis), 4/20/12 Another view of the big jumping spider (Phidippus otiosus), 4/20/12 Phidippus genus jumping spider, 9/19/12

Jumping spider (Phidippus princeps), 9/2/14 Jumping spider (Phidippus princeps), 10/7/14 Jumping spider (atypical Phidippus audax?) with prey, 9/18/12 Male Jumping spider (Phidippus clarus), 7/27/12 Maybe a female jumping spider (Phidippus clarus), although females tend to have a lighter cephalothorax than this. 9/26/11 Jumping spider (Phidippus princeps), 8/26/14 Jumping spider (Hentzia mitrata), 11/24/14 Jumping spider (Hentzia mitrata) with fly prey, 11/08/14          

Jumping spider (Synemosyna formica)8/5/12 Ant-mimic Jumping Spider (Synemosyna formica), 10/25/14 Mystery jumping spiderling, 9/21/11 Jumping spider, 8/25/11 Jumping spider (Eris militaris) Jumping spider (Eris militaris), 3/14/12 Jumping spider (Habronattus decorus), 3/26/11 Peppered Jumper, 4/18/12 Jumping spider (female Hentzia palmarum), 4/16/14          

Jumping spider (Paraphidippus aurantius), 2/22/12 Tiny jumping spider (Paraphidippus aurantius), 1 mm long, taken at the Third Fork Creek Trail Adult jumping spider Jumping spider (Hentzia palmarum) Male Hentz Long-jawed Jumping Spider (Hentzia palmarum), 10/17/12 Jumping spider (male Hentzia palmarum), 9/9/12

Male dwarf spider, 12/16/11 Dwarf spider, 2/2/12 Dwarf spider, 12/23/11 Green Lynx Spider on Tall Ironweed, 8/12/12 Spiderling?, 5/28/12 Striped Lynx Spider, 7/29/12          

Adult Six-spotted Fishing Spider Adult Nursery Web Spider (Pisaurina mira), normal adult size, 9/5/11 Adult Nursery web spider (Pisaurina dubia), relatively large, 7/29/11 Nursery web spider attacking a Basilica Spider, 8/11/14 Adult Dark Fishing Spider, seemed to be injured at first glance but was simply completely limp.  It was large and apparently old. Male Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus), Durham, NC, 6/6/11 Rabid Wolf Spider (I think!), 8/3/13          

Adult long-jawed orb weaver (Tetragnatha versicolor), 6/9/11 Elongated Long-jawed Orb Weaver, 10/1/10 Long-jawed orb weaver, 2/28/12 Long-jawed orb weaver (Tetragnatha viridis) A long-jawed orb weaver (Tetragnatha genus) A thick-jawed orb weaver (Pachygnatha genus), 4/8/14. ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban.          

Adult Star-bellied Orb Weaver, 9/25/11, adult Orb weaver (Mangora gibberosa), 9/6/12 Mangora genus orb weaver, 1/13/13 Orb weaver (Mangora placida), a little different from the usual, 8/12/13. Male orb weaver (Araneus miniatus), 12/30/12 Female orb weaver (Araneus miniatus), 12/30/12 Orb weaver (Metepeira labyrinthea), 7/14/13  

Adult Argiope aurantia, 9/26/11, adult, very large Spider (Argiope aurantia), 7/31/12 Arabesque Orb Weaver (Neoscona arabesca), 8/22/12 Orb weaver (Neoscona genus), 8/21/12 Male Micrathena gracilis.  ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban. 7/4/12 Tiny orb weaver (Micrathena mitrata), 10/16/14 Star-bellied Orb Weaver, 8/5/14          

Hump-backed Orb Weaver (Eustala anastera), 4/26/12 Humpbacked Orb Weaver (Eustala anastera), 8/5/12 Orchard Spider, 9/19/12 Juvenile (early instar?) Orchard Spider, 1/23/13.  ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban.  This page suggests it might be a male: Orchard spider juvenile photo. Orchard Spider, 8/32/14 Feather-legged Orb Weaver (Uloborus glomosus), 6/16/12          

Wolf spider with egg sac, 8/21/12 Adult Wolf spider, 6/9/11 Wolf spider, Alopecosa genus Wolf spider, 3/10/12 Big wolf spider (almost 2 inches long) with spiderlings, 5/19/12 Maybe a very young wolf spider, 5/17/12          

Crab spider (Tmarus genus), 12/18/12 Male Goldenrod Crab Spider, Durham, NC, 9/7/12 Crab Spider, 6/1/11 Crab spider, Xysticus genus, 4/19/11 Male running crab spider, maybe Ebo genus Crab spider (Synema parvulum),  1/4/13 Crab spider (Synema parvulum), 10/28/14  

Crab spider (Misumessus oblongus) on a Coreopsis petal, 6/8/12 Crab spider (Misumessus oblongus).  ID confirmed by Joe Lapp. 5/18/12 A crab spider (Misumessus oblongus), 7/30/14. Note the bunch of silk in front and the line of silk behind. Crab spider (Missumessus oblongus), 8/11/14 Crab spider, 9/12/12 Smooth Flower Spider on a Bidens aristosa Smooth Flower Spider, 7/7/12          

Adult Ant mimic spider (Castianeira longipalpa), 10/13/11 Adult Ant mimic spider (Castianeira longipalpa), 6/11/11 Ant mimic spider, 11/19/12 Bowl-and-doily Spider in a web, 3/22/12 (actually seen at Penny's Bend Nature Preserve) Female Bowl-and-doily Spider on a trail bollard, 1/4/13 Male Bowl-and-doily Spider, dorsal view, 7/2/12   Filmy Dome Spider in a web, 9/12/12

Green Lynx Spider, 9/4/12 Spider exuvia. What a surprise when this blew across the trail towards me! 7/25/11 Ghost spider (Anyphaenidae family), 1/10/13 Sac spider (Clubionidae family). Note the spinnerets at the end of the abdomen. Kyron thinks it might be a Clubiona genus member. Sac spider (Clubionidae family), 7/28/14 Grass spider, 3/20/12

Orb weaver (Araneus alboventris), 7/4/13 Arabesque Orb Weaver (Neoscona arabesca), 7/4/13 Sac spider (Clubionidae family), 7/6/13 Pirate spider (Mimetus puritanus), 7/23/13. ID thanks to Laura P. Jumping spider (Tutelina elegans), 7/6/13          


Velvet mite, 8/18/11          


Millipede, 11/8/11 Spirobolid millipede, 10/29/11 Polydesmid millipede, 11/10/11 Millipede, 1/12/13          

Mating millipedes, 8/5/14          


Centipede, apparently had seen some action, 1/12/12          


Carolina Mantis, 10/4/11 Mantid exuvia, 7/25/11. Mantid exuvia, 8/6/13          

Wasps, Bees and Ants

Carpenter Bee on Marsh Fleabane, 9/26/11 Megachilid bee (Megachile xylocopoides) on Coreopsis, 6/5/12 Bee, 8/12/12 Bee, Eucinerae subfamily, 7/14/13          

Chalcid wasp, Encyrtidae family, Chalcidoidea superfamily.  About 1 mm long.  Durham, NC, 12/31/11. Family ID thanks to Ken Wolgemuth and  Ross Hill. Chalcid wasp, 5/27/12 Spider wasp, 8/18/11 Spider wasp, very active but with a wing problem.  7/18/11 Ichneumon wasp, 4/11/14 Tiny wasp (Ichneumonidae family), 10/10/12 Ichneumon wasp, 1/4/13 Potter Wasp (Eumenes fraternus), 4/20/12 Paper wasp with an egg sac?


Wasp on Black-eyed Susan, 7/7/12 Mating thread-waisted wasps, 9/4/12 Hornet, 11/22/12 Another hornet, 1/4/13 Wasp (Scolia nobilitata), 6/8/12 Velvet ant, 7/10/12 Velvet ant (Pseudomethoca simillima) investigating the object on the left. 9/26/11 Slavemaking ants (Formica subintegra).  One was apparently trying to carry two captives and dropped them.          

Butterflies and Moths (including caterpillars)

Appalachian Brown, 9/19/11, one of several seen on the trail that summer Appalachian Brown, 7/27/14 Viceroy, 8/25/11 Question Mark, 8/7/11 Question Mark (ventral wing view) Same Question Mark (dorsal view) Monarch Red Admiral, 8/12/12 Silvery Checkerspot, 8/12/12 Red-banded Hairstreak, 7/2/12  

Pearl Crescent, 9/15/12 Courting Pearl Crescents, 9/26/11 Pearl Crescent, 5/17/12 Banded Hairstreak, 5/8/12 Harvester, 5/8/12 Common Buckeye, 6/2/12 Variegated Fritillary, 7/4/12          

Little Yellow butterfly (Eurema lisa), 10/28/10 Cloudless Sulphur (Phoebis sennae), 10/28/10 Somehow this eclosing Cloudless Sulphur (9/12/12) got rotated 90° by the thumbnail software.   American Lady, 10/17/12 American Lady, 8/22/12 Red Admiral, 8/12/12 Hackberry Emperor, 7/7/13 Hackberry Emperor (dorsal), 9/8/12 Hackberry Emperor (ventral), 9/8/12

Mourning Cloak, 4/3/11  Question Mark, 8/7/11 Viceroy, 8/25/11 Sleepy Orange, dorsal view, 3/26/12 Little Wood Satyr, 5/18/12 Red-spotted Purple, 7/28/13 Same Red-spotted Purple        

Spicebush Swallowtail, Third Fork Creek Trail, 8/10/13 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, 6/13/12 Ailanthus Webworm Moth, 8/26/14 Carolina Satyr, 7/31/14 Cabbage White, dorsal view (in flight), 7/22/14        

Little Glassywing, 7/31/14 Little Glassywing, 8/26/12 Another Little Glassywing, 8/26/12 Clouded Skipper on a rose, 7/29/11 Dun Skipper.  This may not be obvious, but this skipper has a golden head. Horace's Duskywing, 7/29/11 Ocola Skipper Dion Skipper, 6/8/12 Silver-spotted Skipper, 7/5/12            

Pink-striped Oakworm Moth (Anisota virginiensis), 6/2/11 Orange-tipped Oakworm Moth (Anisota senatoria), 7/10/11 Orange-tipped Oakworm Moth (Anisota senatoria), 7/29/11 White Dogbane Moth, 8/11/12 Female Fall Cankerworm Moth (Alsophila pometaria), a Geometridae family member, 12/28/11 Female Fall Cankerworm Moth, 12/29/11 Snout moth, 8/9/12 Moth, 2/22/12 Yellow-collared Scape Moth, 2/22/12          

Looper moth visiting Common Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) flowers, 9/7/12 Owlet moth (Spragueia leo), 9/7/12.  Thanks to Richard C. Hoyer  for the genus ID and Maury J. Heiman for the species ID. Wavy-lined Emerald, 6/20/12 Moth, 7/2/12 Saddleback Caterpillar (Acharia stimulea), 9/4/14          

Pupating Planthopper Parasite Moth  (Fulgoraecia exigua) that fell out of a tree, 8/12/13 Caterpillar on ironweed, 9/20/11 Red-humped Caterpillar (Schizura concinna) Spiny Oakworm Moth caterpillar, 8/25/11 Caterpillar, Galgula partita, a Noctuid species.  It is described in this article: Godfrey (1981). Tussock moth caterpillar, 6/20/12          


Weevil (Lixus genus), 12/23/11 Ground beetle, 8/29/11 False Bombardier Beetle (Galerita genus) larva, moving very fast, 8/7/11 Ground beetle larva? 6/11/11 Ground beetle (Scarites genus), 9/26/11 Broad-nosed weevil, 9/18/12 Broad-nosed weevil (Naupactus genus), 9/18/11 Billbug (actually by the road), 10/29/11  

Flea beetle (Dibolia genus), 12/19/12 Rove beetle, 8/5/12 Rove beetle (Pinophilus genus), 6/21/12 Rove beetle (Stenus genus), 4/8/14. ID help provided by Craig Sondergaard. Rove beetle, 8/7/14          

Pine flower snout beetle (Cimberis pilosa), about 5 mm long, 2/22/12 Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta zimmermani).  ID thanks to Gary Griswold Spotted Cucumber Beetle on Bidens aristosa aster, 9/19/12 Spotted Cucumber Beetle, 9/4/12 Scarab beetle, perhaps a May/June Beetle Ground beetle, possibly Scarites genus, 5/5/12 Longhorn beetle (Prioninae subfamily), 8/15/14            

Two-lined Leatherwing Beetle, 3/16/12  Margined Leatherwing Beetle, 8/31/12 Buprestid beetle, 4/26/12 Cocklebur Weevil, 5/28/12 Green Six-spotted Tiger Beetle, 5/26/12 Common Shore Beetle (Cicindela repanda), very worn Soldier beetle (Trypherus latipennis).  Genus ID thanks to Brad Barnd, species ID thanks to Kelly Fiegle Dogbane Beetle, 6/28/12 Dogbane Beetle, 7/2/12          

Ladybug beetle (Scymnus rubricaudus, Scymnini tribe), about 2 mm long.  Tribe ID thanks to Vassili Belov.  Species ID thanks to Abigail M. Parker. 5/14/12 Ladybug beetle (Cycloneda mundi), 6/19/12 Spotted Ladybug Beetle (Coleomegilla maculata), 6/18/12 Spotted Ladybug Beetle, Durham, NC, 6/9/11 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle and tiny spider, 11/28/11 Asian Ladybug Beetle, 10/18/12 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle, 8/31/12 Ladybug larva, 6/15/12          

Scarab beetle Rhinoceros beetle, 7/29/11 Green June Beetle Flower Bumble Beetle, 9/26/11 Ground beetle larva (maybe Chlaenius genus?) Tentative ID provided by Ken Wolgemuth. 7/5/12 Probably a ground beetle larva, 7/5/12    

Ground beetle (Calosoma scrutata), 4/3/12, apparently one of the fearsome predators that ended the inchworm irruption that year. Ground beetle (Calosoma scrutata), apparently with prey, which might be an inchworm, 4/6/12 Beetle larva, likely Calosoma genus, fairly common, 4/25/12 Yellow-margined Leaf Beetle (Microtheca ocroloma), caught while flying, 3/15/12 Scarab beetle (Hoplia trivialis), 3/15/12 Ground beetle, 3/26/12 Flatfaced longhorn beetle (Cyrtinus pygmaeus), body about 2 mm long, 5/17/12 Buprestid beetle (Acmaeodera pulchella), 6/29/12 Netwinged beetle, 6/29/12          

Wedge-shaped beetle, 7/2/12 Japanese Beetles, 7/2/12 Delta Flower Beetle, 8/16/14 Delta Flower Beetle on goldenrod, 7/31/14          

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle, 11/9/12 Multi-colored Asian Ladybug Beetle, 12/1/12 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle pupa, somewhat the worse for wear, 12/7/12 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle, with aphid wing, 12/7/12 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle, 12/18/12 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle, 1/10/13 Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle, 1/14/13  


Female Carolina Saddlebags (Tramea carolina), 7/24/11 Male Slaty Skimmer, Third Fork Creek Trail, 8/10/13 Ashy Clubtail, 4/26/12 Male Great Blue Skimmer, 7/30/12 Male Great Blue Skimmer, 7/6/13  Male Great Blue Skimmer, 7/18/11 Teneral Great Blue Skimmer, 7/13/11              

Adult female Common Whitetail, 8/9/12 Adult male Common Whitetail, 6/16/12 Teneral male Common Whitetail, 7/18/11 Dragonfly nymph exuvia, 6/6/11          

Teneral male Widow Skimmer Widow Skimmer, maybe a recent metamorph male, 7/16/12 Teneral Blue Dasher, 7/6/13 Male Blue Dasher, 7/31/14 Blue Dasher with wasp prey, 8/15/14 Blue Dasher, 8/5/12          


Variable Dancers, maybe, male on the left.  The male prevents the female from mating with other males this way, remaining while she oviposits. 5/18/12 Variable Dancer, 7/9/12          

True Bugs

Rhyparochromic bug, which looked very much like an ant when scurrying over this sidewalk.  About 3 mm long, 9/21/11 Big-eyed Bug (Geocoris uliginosus), about 3 mm long, 9/13/11 White-lined Burrowing Bug, 2/27/12 White-lined Burrower Bug on Common Dandelion, 3/8/12 Damsel bug nymph, 9/19/12 Seed bug, Nysius genus, Orsillinae subfamily.  ID (genus tentative)thanks to Ken Wolgemuth. 7/20/12          

Stink bug (Menecletes insertus), 12/23/11 Stink bug (probably Euschistus genus) Shield-backed bug, 11/12/12 Stink bug nymph, 8/18/11 Tree Stink Bug, 9/21/11 Stink bug nymph.  Ken Wolgemuth thinks it might be a Podisus genus member (maybe a Spined Soldier Bug) based on BugGuide entries.  The three-segment antennae do match. 5/27/12 Bug nymph (Mormidea lugens).  ID thanks to Brandon Woo. 6/16/12 Florida Predatory Stink Bug, heavily image-processed to eliminate excessive contrast and to make the beak visible. 6/16/12

Leaffooted Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis), 12/18/12 Leaffooted bug nymph, 9/5/11 Leaffooted Bug nymph, 7/30/11 Leaffooted Bug nymph, 9/15/12          

Seed bug (Cymus angustatus), 3/15/12.  ID thanks to Yurika Alexander. Assassin bug, Zelus genus, 8/11/14 Spined Assassin Bug, dorsal view, 6/9/11 Assassin bug (Pselliopus cinctus), 4/19/11 Tarnished Plant Bug, 6/9/11 Boxelder Bug, 3/15/12 Chinch Bug, 3/20/12

Rice Stink Bugs, mating Ebony Bug, 5/26/12 Seed bug (Taedia genus).  ID thanks to WonGun Kim. 6/19/12 Plant bug (Deraeocoris genus), 6/2/12 Tree Stink Bug nymph, 7/1/13          


Picture-winged Fly (Delphinia picta), 8/29/11 Moth fly (Psychoda genus), 9/18/11 Long-legged fly, 9/5/11 Robber fly with grasshopper prey, 7/16/14 Robber fly, 7/22/13 Robber fly, 9/5/11 Small robber fly, 8/16/14

Chloropid fly, 10/27/11 Chloropid fly, 5/18/12 Crane fly Fly          

Elephant Mosquito, 6/8/12 Flower fly, 8/22/12 Flower flies (Toxomerus genus) mating, 6/2/12 Male midge, 2/21/12 Midge Female midge A fruit fly (Campiglossa genalis, Tephritidae family), 6/21/12          

Bee fly Bee fly, Villa genus, 6/5/12 Bee fly (Lepidophora lepidocera), 7/4/12 Mating Scuttleflies (Phoridae family), 2/14/12 Mating Scuttleflies, dorsal view of male, 2/14/12 Flower fly (Chrysogaster genus). ID thanks to Martin Hauser. 2/11/12.

Hoverfly (Ocyptamus fuscipennis), 7/9/12 Same hoverfly, landed, 7/9/12 Long-legged fly (Condostylus genus), 7/9/12 Mating march flies: the female is on the left, 3/26/12 Picture-winged fly, 7/10/12          

Marsh fly, 11/8/09 Marsh fly, 7/25/13 Marsh fly, 7/29/13 Marsh fly, a composite of three images via focus stacking, 12/14/12            


Common Scorpion Fly, 9/7/12          

Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets

Forked-tail Bush Katydid on oak tree, 9/4/11 Oblong-winged Katydid nymph, 6/11/11 Male shield-backed katydid (Atlanticus gibbosus), 7/10/11 Female shield-backed katydid (Atlanticus testaceus), 7/30/11 Freshly molted bush cricket, 7/15/14  

Handsome Meadow Katydid, 10/28/10 Katydid Katydid nymph on Coreopsis flower, 5/31/12 A very young katydid nymph, 5/17/12 Red-headed Bush Cricket (Phyllopalpus pulchellus), 7/25/12          


Leafhopper, 12/16/11 Leafhopper (Draeculacephala zeae), 8/6/12 Leafhopper nymph Leafhopper, 7/31/14 Leafhopper, 7/24/12 Leafhopper (sharpshooter) nymph (Oncometopia genus), 6/5/12 Sharpshooter nymph (Oncometopia genus), 7/4/12 Leafhopper (sharpshooter) (Oncometopia orbona), 6/28/12 Leafhopper (Osbornellus genus), 7/10/12  

Buffalo Treehopper, 12/14/11 Mating Dog-day Cicadas, 8/29/11 Two-lined Froghopper, 7/4/13 Two-lined Froghopper, 9/9/12          


Derbid planthopper (Mysidia mississippiensis), 7/14/13 Acanalonid planthopper (Acanalonia conica), 8/22/14 Acanaloniid planthopper nymph, 6/16/12 Acanaloniid planthopper nymph, 6/5/12          

Issid planthopper, 8/30/14 Cixiid planthopper, 6/30/12  Cixiid planthopper, 6/15/12 Flatid planthopper, 9/5/12 Flatid planthopper, 7/28/13          


Barklouse (Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae).  Thanks to Vassily Belov for ID.          


Snail (2 inches long), 10/27/11 Aquatic snail, swimming on its back and touching the water's surface, 7/29/14          


Common Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) blossoms, 6/11/11 Purple False Foxglove, 9/18/11 Swamp/Marsh Dewflowers (Murdannia keisak), seen in swampy areas, 9/15/11 Hairy Milk Pea flowers, 9/15/11 Common Boneset (Eupatorium hyssopifolium), 9/5/11 Aster, gone to seed, 12/16/11          

Seed Box, 10/1/10 Carolina Dayflower (Commelina caroliniana), 8/23/12 Great Lobelia, with a springtail, 8/23/12 Anomalous pink ironweed flowers, 8/16/14 Unusually pale Tall Ironweed, 8/22/12 Tall Ironweed, 7/22/12 Ironweed, the only such plant on the Third Fork Creek Trail at the time, 8/15/11

Cardinal Flowers, 8/5/12 Male Red Maple flower, 1/18/12 Blue Toadflax, 4/20/11          

Crimson Clover, 4/19/11 Common Vetch, 4/19/11 Cornsalad, 4/19/11 Henbit, 4/1/11 Carolina Cranesbill, 4/1/11 Mouseear Chickweed (Cerastium vulgatum), 3/15/12  Wisteria 

Bird Vetch (Vicia cracca), an introduced plant, 4/20/12 Wild onion, 4/20/12 White Blue-eyed Grass, 5/16/12 St. John's Wort, 7/9/12 Eastern Gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides), 7/14/13          


Big mushrooms, perhaps Green-gilled Lepiota, 8/5/12 Mushrooms          


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