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Bird Blog:  August and September 2005

Brown Thrasher, Mason Farm Biological Reserve, 9/18/05. Immature Eastern Bluebird, Durham (swamp), 9/19/05 Same bird


Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Mason Farm Biological Reserve, 9/8/05 Same bird Eastern Phoebe, Durham, 9/8/05.  This bird showed up in the swamp in my neighborhood.


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Durham, 9/2/05 Another Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in the same area, Durham, 9/2/05 Eastern Bluebird in flight, Durham, 9/3/05 Great Blue Heron, Durham, 9/6/05

Durham, 8/19/05: If you're an immature Northern Mockingbird being (unwillingly) encouraged by Mom to develop some independence, you can always...

Look pitiful, make a scene, or just scowl at amused spectators.

We are used to seeing what seems to be happiness (or at least no more than mild frustration) in the songbird world, but sometimes sad sights surprise us.

Northern Mockingbird, Durham, 8/1/05.  This bird was trying to make sense out of this external light. Northern Cardinal, Durham, 8/5/05.  Baby bird, Durham, 8/5/05.   After following peeping sounds near me, I discovered this partially feathered bird in the grass.


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