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Bird Blog:  February 13-19, 2005


February 19, 2005

Tufted Titmouse Carolina Wren, over birdfeeder. Carolina Wren, picking seeds out of suet. Tufted Titmouse, in the backyard.  First picture taken in decent lighting! Pine Warbler, on suet.  Depending on the light, they're the color of either pine needles or pine pollen.

February 17, 2005

I finally got a picture of a female Northern Cardinal!  Today, this bird was picking up seed dropped from the one feeder.  Note those beautiful red colors towards the rear and in the tail. She first notices the flashing light and cocks her head, but still doesn't see me. The moment of truth!  Shortly thereafter she ducked behind the opaque part of the door.

February 15-16, 2005

Pine Warbler (Dendroica pinus), Durham, 2/15/05.  This is one of the two of this species I've seen so far, the other flying practically right up to the window.  This picture demonstrates similar curiosity. Same bird. Same bird about to leave with seed. Carolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis), 2/16/05.  This bird offers an interesting 3D geometric puzzle.  Although there is a large black patch across the throat, it can't be seen from the side.  This part-side part-front view sheds some light on this issue. That's why multi-view illustrations of some birds may be necessary to establish species IDs. Male Northern Cardinal, Durham, 2/16/05.

February 13-14, 2005

White-breasted Nuthatch, taking off from the birdfeeder on 2/13/05. Male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), Durham, 2/13/05. Some male cardinals are all bright red, and others like this.  Could this be a transition stage from immature plumage? Carolina Chickadee, Durham, 2/13/05. Front view of the elusive black throat patch. Carolina Chickadee, Durham, 2/13/05.  You can almost make out the edge of the black throat patch in this one.  Despite comments that suggest the contrary, the problem is not with the quality of this admittedly low-resolution picture. Tentative conclusion: the black throat patch covers a flat area on the very front of the chickadee.  Tufted Titmouse, Durham, 2/13/05. Carolina Wren, Durham, 2/13/05, on the lookout. Carolina Wren, same bird, with a seed. Male Northern Cardinal, Durham, 2/14/05. Front view of a male Northern Cardinal picture (2/14/05).

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