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2010:  January

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February 2010

Durham, NC  2/25/10

Yellow-rumped Warbler Red-bellied Woodpecker      

Durham, NC  2/15/10

Red-bellied Woodpecker American Goldfinch      

Durham, NC  2/13/10

Pine Warbler White-throated Sparrow    

Durham, NC  2/8/10

Yellow-rumped Warbler        

Durham, NC  2/2/10

Brown Thrasher, which was eating the suet in this feeder Male Eastern Bluebird.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk Male Eastern Bluebird American Goldfinch, probably female or subadult.  Photo by Karl Gottschalk  

Durham, NC  2/1/10

Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Pink snow is an artifact of extensive image-processing.        

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