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Bird Blog:  March 2006

To see more songbirds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and other terrestrial birds, visit the Birds page.  To see birds that live near water, go to Shore Birds.  To see birds in captivity, visit Zoo Birds.  Or see the wild birds in the Audubon Swamp Garden, Charleston County, SC.


Rock Dove, downtown Charleston, SC, 3/27/06 Turkey Vulture, downtown Charleston, SC, 3/27/06 Brown Thrasher, North Charleston, SC, 3/28/06


Carolina Wren, NC Botanical Garden, 3/25/06 Male American Goldfinch, Durham, 3/25/06.  The summer plumage is coming in!


Hermit Thrush, Durham, 3/23/06, standing under our front yard feeder looking puzzled. The same bird, looking gray instead of brown because of a change in lighting.


Yellow-rumped Warbler, Lake Crabtree County Park, 3/18/06 American Robin, Durham, 3/18/06, in the bushes near a window.  Picture taken at close range. Male American Goldfinch, Durham, 3/21/06.  You can see some yellow plumage coming in. White-throated Sparrow, Durham, 3/21/06


Two views of a Song Sparrow?, Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, Wake County, NC, 3/17/06.  This sparrow was hiding in a bush, which made the ID uncertain.  Notice the sparrow's crest in the left photo.


Mourning Dove, Occoneechee Mountain Natural Area, Orange County, NC, 3/13/06 Turkey Vulture, Occoneechee Mountain, 3/13/06


Dark-eyed Junco, Indian Creek Wildlife Observation Trail, Chatham County, NC, 3/10/06


Great Blue Heron, Duke Gardens, Durham County, NC, 3/9/06


White-throated Sparrow, Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC, 3/8/06.  This sparrow apparently felt successfully hidden.


Male American Goldfinch, Durham, 3/5/06.  More plumage changes.


Cedar Waxwings, NC Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC, 3/3/06, one eating berries and the other flying (note the yellow tail tip).


American Goldfinch, Durham, 3/2/06.  The first patch of summer plumage!


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