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Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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November 2007

Southpoint Swamp, Durham, NC   11/10/07

This Blue Jay was deep in the woods but not too far away, so it apparently was torn between fear and curiosity as it tried to assess its observer.

The Belted Kingfisher flew back and forth over the swamp, squawking loudly.   Its head is black in the photo rather than blue as in the typical illustration because of cloudy conditions: according to Tom Krakauer, it's because the light from the Kingfisher's head is transmitted rather than reflected.  You'll have to wait a while for me to product a full explanation for the physics making this happen.

In this case, the female is showier than the male, with red breast patterns.

Adult male Belted Kingfisher.  ID thanks to Will Cook and Dwayne Martin. Same adult male Belted Kingfisher Female Northern Cardinal Song Sparrow  


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